That’s just rough. There is no secret to the fact that that WWE is in a strange place at the moment as the fans are not happy with a lot of what is being presented. There are all kinds of problems and a lot of them seem to come back to Vince McMahon. Whether or not they are his problems, the company is still his and he has the final say on so many things. It turns out things are a lot worse than it seems.

In a recent appearance on Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Podcast, Jon Moxley talked about things went backstage when it came to going off script and McMahon’s attitude when it happened. Moxley talked about times where he went off script and was literally chased down the hall with McMahon yelling at him. While the wrestlers would not be fired for what happened, the writers or producers’ jobs were on the line, which was why Moxley refused to go off script during his last few months with the company. Here are Moxley’s comments, with transcription courtesy of

“I’ve gone off-script before and you know what happens? Vince chased me down the hallway… really chased me down the hallway to yell at me. So then the next week if you go off-script the next week they’re like more up your a**. They’re making sure you don’t go off-script again. They’re watching you. So it almost makes your job harder.”

“For instance that last few months I could have gone off-script any time I wanted. What are they gonna do? Fire me? I could have. A big part of the reason I wouldn’t have is because somebody’s a** would have been on the line. A producer or because I go off-script and think I’m trying to be cool doing my thing then the producer of the match gets fired or a writer gets fired and he might have kids or a mortgage and I’m not gonna… I can’t live with myself if I do that, you know what I mean? Somebody’s a** is always on the line for something.”

This sounds like he was right on script. Check out one of Moxley’s final promos in WWE:

Opinion: Is this any kind of a surprise? The level of micromanaging and interference that they go through with promos and segments is incredible and it’s easy to see why so many people are unhappy with the company. Is there really a need to have the wrestlers stay exactly on script, word for word, every single time? If that’s the case, why not just hire actors instead of wrestlers?

What do you think of Moxley’s comments? When will this style change? Let us know in the comments below.

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