Survivor Series 2020
Date: November 22, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, Corey Graves

It’s time for a special show as not only do we have Raw vs. Smackdown in the battle for the all important Brand Supremacy, but it’s also the thirty year anniversary of Undertaker’s debut. Tonight it’s his Final Farewell, which I really hope is the real FINAL Farewell and not a way to set up one more Wrestlemania match. Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Battle Royal

Dolph Ziggler, Elias, Chad Gable, Cedric Alexander, Humberto Carrillo, Shelton Benjamin, Shinsuke Nakamura, Robert Roode, Jeff Hardy, Apollo Crews, Ricochet, Angel Garza, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Murphy, Kalisto, Miz, John Morrison

It’s a brawl to start and Dominik gets rid of Morrison early on. Kalisto and Rey have a lucha off until the Hurt Business jump them from behind. Alexander gets rid of Kalisto and Ziggler superkicks Rey down to break up a 619 to Roode. Ziggler tosses Rey so Murphy goes after him as Garza gets rid of Carrillo. The Hurt Business eliminates Garza and it’s Alexander and Ricochet fighting to the apron with Ricochet kicking him out.

Benjamin knees Ricochet out but Crews gets rid of Benjamin as well. Murphy and Roode put each other out and it’s Ziggler vs. Dominik on the apron. Ziggler misses a charge into the post and Dominik dropkicks him out, leaving us with Dominik, Elias, Nakamura, Miz, Crews, Hardy and Gable. Nakamura misses the running knee in the corner but hits the Kinshasa to knock Crews out. Hardy gets rid of Nakamura though and Elias is out as well, leaving us with Hardy, Miz, Gable and Dominik.

Gable clotheslines Hardy out and Miz kicks Dominik in the face to cut off a 619 attempt. There are the YES Kicks to Dominik and the big one actually hits. Dominik throws him to the apron but Miz rolls back in, followed by the baseball slide to put Miz back inside. Gable suplexes Dominik but gets caught with a springboard armdrag. The 619 connects and Gable is out so Dominik thinks he won, allowing Miz to come in and toss him out for the win at 12:14..

Result: Miz won a battle royal last eliminating Dominik (12:14)

Raw – 1
Smackdown – 0

The opening video looks at how important it is to be the Best Of The Best but the teams aren’t getting along. This transitions into a long package on Undertaker, who is hanging it up tonight.

Raw Men vs. Smackdown Men

Raw: AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Riddle, Keith Lee, Sheamus
Smackdown: King Corbin, Seth Rollins, Otis, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens

Before the match, AJ, with his bodyguard, reiterates that he is captain but Riddle’s entrance cuts him off. Team Raw starts bickering about who the captain is before the bell until AJ and Uso start things off. The drop down into the dropkick barely hits and it’s Jey coming back with the right hand (Otis: “JUICY!”).

The Pele misses and Jey grabs a rollup for two as Paul Heyman is watching backstage. AJ walks into the Samoan drop and it’s off to Otis vs. Riddle in a hurry. Riddle’s headlock doesn’t work so it’s some pelvic thrusting with Otis shouting “OH YEAH BRO”. The sleeper doesn’t work and Otis dances off some kicks to the chest. A splash cuts Riddle off and it’s Owens coming in to go after Riddle’s bare feet. That doesn’t work so well so it’s off to Sheamus vs. Rollins, who looks pretty stoic, for a somewhat intriguing showdown. Rollins drops to his knees, tells Sheamus to do his part, and takes the Brogue Kick for the pin at 6:02.

Team Smackdown needs a meeting on the floor, with Owens saying Rollins will always be a piece of trash. Owens talks about how neither team works well together….and Strowman runs all four of them over out of boredom. Back in and Strowman shouts that his team needs to get on the same page and hands it off to Riddle to kick at Corbin. The smiling Lee comes in to face Otis in the big man showdown.

They fight over the lockup before Lee’s shoulders don’t put Otis down. The Grizzly Magnum is cut off and Otis hits him with the stomach. Lee gets him up in a fireman’s carry but Otis lands on his feet. A left hand puts Otis down and it’s back to Strowman for the right hand. Strowman hits a running dropkick and it’s AJ coming in, only to get caught with a jawbreaker. Owens comes back in to backdrop AJ and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two. Owens forearms him off the apron and everything breaks down. A series of Stunners has Team Raw staggered until AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm to get rid of Owens at 12:19.

The End of Days hits AJ but the rest of the team makes the save. There’s Deep Six to Sheamus but AJ kicks Corbin down. The Floating Bro pins Corbin at 13:07 and it’s the full Team Raw vs. Uso/Otis. Sheamus hits a running knee for two on Uso and there are the ten forearms to the chest. Jey gets in a shot to the face and the hot tag brings in Otis for the suplexes. Strowman comes in and the shirts come off for the showdown. A big boot drops Otis but he’s right back with a slam.

The Caterpillar looks to set up the Vader Bomb but Riddle makes the save. The running powerslam gets rid of Otis at 16:39 and it’s Jey Uso vs. the entire Raw team. Uso starts superkicking everyone he can and the big dive over the top takes out all five of them. They get back in with Strowman going into the post and there’s a superkick to AJ. The bodyguard pulls AJ out of the way of the Superfly Splash but the Phenomenal Forearm is broken up. Lee makes a blind tag though and the Spirit Bomb finishes Uso for the win at 18:58.

Result: Raw Men b. Smackdown Men last eliminating Jey Uso (18:58)

Raw – 2
Smackdown – 0

New Day (Raw) vs. Street Profits (Smackdown)

Non-title and Big E. is here with New Day, who are in their Gears of War attire due to being characters in the game. We even get the trailer for their version of the game. Before their entrance, the Street Profits are in the back to talk about Undertaker and various wrestlers Undertaker has faced over the years. This includes singing Sexy Boy and saying Kane didn’t have a catchphrase but he did spray fire and that was cool.

Now it’s time to face New Day, who have been doing this for more than five years and accomplished all kinds of things (Dawkins: “YOU BUILT A TIME MACHINE!”). Tonight, they’re here to take the torch because they want the smoke.

Dawkins and Woods feel each other out to start but it’s quickly off to Kingston for some shouting at each other. Ford flips in (which the camera partially misses) and shoulders him down before they trade a bunch of leapfrogs. Dawkins comes back in for a double flapjack and a splash gets two on Kofi. The armbar goes on but the belly to back moonsault hits Kofi’s raised boot.

Everything heads outside with Kofi hitting the big dive and Woods shouting that the Profits are not ready for this New Day beating. Back in and the chinlock goes on, with Kofi taunting Ford by having a sip of a solo cup. Kofi works on the arm but it’s a shot to the face to allow the hot tag to Dawkins. House is cleaned with suplexes and a swinging butterfly suplex gets two on Woods.

Running Sliced Bread from Ford gets the same but Woods gets over to Kofi to pick up the pace. The Midnight Hour (with Woods playing Kofi and Kofi playing Big E.) gets two but it’s the Anointment into the Cash Out to Kofi. Ford’s bad ribs delay the cover though and Kofi is out at two. Everything breaks down and Ford hits Kofi with Trouble in Paradise. Woods hits a gorilla press gutbuster for two on Ford but Dawkins tags himself in. A Doomsday Blockbuster is enough to finish Woods at 14:03.

Result: Street Profits b. New Day – Doomsday Blockbuster to Woods (14:03)

Raw – 2

Smackdown – 1

Respect is shown post match.

Bayley reluctantly puts on the arm band.

Nia Jax insists that Lana is NOT tagged in tonight.

Bobby Lashley (Raw) vs. Sami Zayn (Smackdown)

Non-title and the Hurt Business is here with Lashley. Sami bails to the floor to start and realizes he’s surrounded. The distraction lets Lashley get in a shot from behind but Sami catches him on the way back inside. Lashley runs through Sami’s clothesline but Sami hammers away and hits a top rope elbow to the back of the head for one. Back up and a big toss sends Sami flying, followed by the driving shoulders in the corner. The delayed vertical suplex drops Sami again….and Sami claims to have vertigo (which he did back in 2018).

The goldbricking rollup gives Sami two so Lashley runs him over, sending Sami outside. Sami shoves Alexander to try and get the DQ but the Hurt Business is smarter than that. Lashley follows him out but gets posted, only to barely beat the count back in. Sami goes for the turnbuckle pad, which Shelton ties right back on. Lashley is back with his big spinebuster to send Sami outside, where he claims MVP tripped him. When that doesn’t work, Sami is thrown back inside so the Hurt Lock can give Lashley the win at 7:46.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Sami Zayn – Hurt Lock (7:46)

Raw – 3
Smackdown – 1

Jey Uso goes to see Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, with Jimmy Uso defending his brother about it being 5-1 and Jey trying his best. Reigns says Jimmy can go but Jey is staying. Jey lost because his team doesn’t respect him. If they don’t respect Jey they don’t respect Reigns and if they don’t respect Reigns, they don’t respect the family. If that’s the case, Jey has no place at the table so get out of here with your brother.

Asuka (Raw) vs. Sasha Banks (Smackdown)

Non-title and since Cole isn’t on commentary, Graves handles IT’S BOSS TIME. Phillips: “How much is Cole paying you?” Graves: “Fifty bucks.” They go to the mat to no avail to start so Banks hiptosses her into an armbar. Banks switches to a short armscissors but they roll around on the mat with Banks getting a quickly broken Bank Statement. Some rollups give Banks two and she starts working on Asuka’s fingers.

There’s the Backstabber for two and Asuka bails outside for a breather. Banks talks trash from the ring and even holds the ropes open for her. Asuka sends her outside as well and now it’s Asuka holding the rope open for a change. Back in and Asuka grabs an ankle lock, followed by the sliding knee for two. The armbar goes on again but this time it’s Banks fighting up into an abdominal stretch. Asuka breaks that up and hits the running hip attack to the floor but Banks gets in a shot to the face.

Back in and Banks misses the Meteora though and they’re both down. Another hip attack misses Banks and another Backstabber gives Asuka two. The running knees connect for Banks in the corner and the Bank Statement goes on, with Asuka reversing into most of an Asuka Lock. That’s broken up as well but Asuka hits some knees to the face for two. Asuka grabs an ankle lock but they go into a pinfall reversal sequence for two each. A knee to the face rocks Asuka, who is right back with a kick of her own. The Asuka Lock is reversed into a rollup to give Banks the quick pin at 13:03.

Result: Sasha Banks b. Asuka – Rollup (13:03)

Raw – 3
Smackdown – 2

We recap Miz winning the Kickoff Show battle royal.

Also on the Kickoff Show, the Gobbledy Gooker won the 24/7 Title.

The Gooker finds a trail of bird seed leading to a big pile, allowing Akira Tozawa to sneak up and grab a rollup for the pin and the title. R-Truth hits Tozawa with the bag of seed and wins the title, meaning the chase is on.

Raw Women vs. Smackdown Women

Raw: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Peyton Royce, Lace Evans, Lana
Smackdown: Bianca Belair, Bayley, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan

Bayley’s armband even says CAPTAIN. Lacey and Bayley start things off with Lacey taking her into the corner for the napkin toss. You don’t do that to Bayley, who fights out of the corner and hands it off to Natalya. The belly to back drop into the step over basement dropkick gives Natalya two so Royce comes in. That means a double suplex from Natalya and Belair, with squats thrown in, for two. Riott comes in but gets drop toeholded down, allowing the tag off to Baszler.

A rollup gives Riott two so it’s quickly off to Jax, who is taken into the corner for the quintuple team. Liv’s sleeper doesn’t work so Lana tags herself in, much to Nia’s shock. Lana knocks Liv down so it’s off to Natalya for a reunion of a team that wasn’t important in the first place. A front facelock has Natalya in trouble but Jax tags herself in and orders Lana to sit on the steps until Jax tells her to get up. We settle down to Bayley kicking away at Royce in the corner until Royce gets a full nelson with her legs in the ropes (Graves: “I’d give that a perfect ten.”).

Bayley brings in Belair for a gorilla press Snake Eyes, setting up Bayley’s top rope elbow for two with Evans making a save. We hit the parade of secondary finishes, with Riott’s kick missing Jax’s head so badly that commentary has to point it out. Bayley goes up top but gets caught by Royce for in a superplex onto the pile on the floor. In theory at least, as Bayley THUDS to the floor right between them, meaning you can hear Bayley ask if everyone is ok. Back in and the Deja Vu gets rid of Bayley at 9:58.

Natalya comes in and the stepover basement dropkick is reversed into a half crab from Royce. Belair makes the save though and Natalya….can’t get some kind of leglock on Royce. Instead she goes with the Sharpshooter to make Royce tap at 11:41. Evans comes in with a clothesline to Natalya and the Woman’s Right finishes Natalya at 12:33.

It’s Belair in next so Evans clotheslines her down. Belair hits a double chickenwing faceplant but Evans catches her on top with a super Spanish Fly for two with the Riott Squad making the save. It’s off to Jax, so the Squad takes over on her in the corner. The Codebreaker into the Riot Kick staggers Jax right into the corner so Baszler can come in, making the Squad look a bit inept.

Riott gets kicked down but manages a rollup for two on Baszler. That just earns her the Kirifuda Clutch but this time Riott flips back onto her for a very delayed two. It’s so delayed that Baszler chokes her out and gets the easy pin at 16:48. We’re down to Belair/Morgan vs. Jax/Baszler/Evans/Lana with a ticked off Morgan taking over on Evans in the corner. A crucifix bomb gets rid of Evans at 17:59 as Jax has to yell at Lana to stay on the steps.

Liv shouts BRING IT B**** at Jax and slugs away, followed by a floatover DDT. Jax is back on one knee and an enziguri…just makes her get back to her feet. The Samoan drop finishes Morgan at 19:04 and it’s Belair down 3-1. Belair starts flipping around, including a moonsault over Jax (Jax: “WHAT THE???”) out of the corner. A splash hits knees though and Jax drops the leg for two. Belair manages to kick Jax off the ropes and out to the floor but Baszler tags herself in.

The Kirifuda Clutch goes on but Belair gets out of it with a belly to back suplex. Baszler slaps it on again, with Belair powering to her feet this time and walking to the ropes with Baszler on her back. Belair collapses into the ropes for the break, with Baszler not letting go until it’s a DQ at 22:26. Jax loads up the announcers’ table but Belair shoves her into the steps. A backdrop sends Jax over the barricade for the double countout at 23:10….and that makes Lana the soul survivor because she was standing on the steps.

Result: Raw Women b. Smackdown Women last eliminating Bianca Belair (23:10)

Raw – 4
Smackdown – 2

TLC: Enter The Storm is on December 20.

We recap Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns. McIntyre showed up on Smackdown and called out Reigns, who told him to go win a title and see him at Survivor Series. That’s what McIntyre did and here we go.

Roman Reigns (Smackdown) vs. Drew McIntyre (Raw)

Non-title and Reigns has Paul Heyman with him. They fight over a lockup to start with Reigns taking him to the mat off a headlock. McIntyre reverses into one of his own, followed by a running shoulder to put Reigns on the floor for a change. Back in and Reigns hits him in the face and sends McIntyre face first into the buckle to take over again. McIntyre slugs away but they head to the floor where Reigns gets in a posting.

Back in again and Reigns hammers him down, setting up a snap suplex for two. Reigns hits the jumping clothesline for the same and we hit an arm trap chinlock. McIntyre fights up with a neckbreaker and pops up, only to walk into a Samoan drop for two. The Superman Punch is countered into a spinebuster for two and they’re both down again.

Reigns slugs away some more but McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss into the Future Shock for a rather close two, sending Heyman into another level of panic. The Claymore is countered with a Superman Punch but McIntyre is right back up. Reigns tries the guillotine but gets thrown down in a hurry. The Claymore misses so Reigns tries the spear, which is countered into the Kimura.

Reigns has to go to the ropes and they head outside, with McIntyre being Samoan dropped through the announcers’ table. The spear through the barricade looks to destroy McIntyre but he’s out at two again. Another spear is cut off by a kick to the face but Reigns hits another spear for two. McIntyre hits the Claymore, which bumps the referee to the floor. Cue Jey Uso for a distraction so Reigns can hit a low blow and Jey adds a superkick. The guillotine goes on and McIntyre is out at 24:54.

Result: Roman Reigns b. Drew McIntyre – Guillotine choke (24:54)

Raw – 4
Smackdown – 3

Post match Jey sits on the stage until Reigns comes up and hugs him.

It’s time for Undertaker’s Final Farewell so let’s bring out the guests:

Shane McMahon
Big Show
Jeff Hardy
Mick Foley
Savio Vega
Kevin Nash
Booker T.
Shawn Michaels
Ric Flair

Commentary says Undertaker launched Hardy to a Hall of Fame career in their ladder match, because Matt Hardy no longer exists right now. With that out of the way, Cole gets to mention the Bone Street Krew, which has to be one of the only mentions ever of the group on WWE TV. Everyone is in the ring and we get a long video package on Undertaker, set to Metallica’s Now That We’re Dead with various legends talking about what Undertaker means.

Vince McMahon comes out to say that Undertaker has been here for three decades (even saying he was there in the WWF). They say nothing can live forever, but Undertaker’s legacy will live forever. With that, he gives us the Undertaker. Undertaker’s symbol appears and we get what sounds like an electric version of his old music. The regular version begins and we get the full entrance, with Undertaker looking around and soaking in some cheers. Undertaker says that everyone’s time has come to let the Undertaker rest in peace.

The THANK YOU TAKER chants start up again and he tips his hat, takes the knee and strikes the pose, with a Paul Bearer hologram appearing with the Urn and an OH YEEEEEESSSS. The gong toes off and the music hits again, so Undertaker gives us one last throat slit. Undertaker slowly walks up the ramp, looks back, and raises the fist. He slowly walks off and through the curtain as the show ends.

Raw Men b. Smackdown Men last eliminating Jey Uso
Street Profits b. New Day – Doomsday Blockbuster to Woods
Bobby Lashley b. Sami Zayn – Hurt Lock
Sasha Banks b. Asuka – Rollup
Raw Women b. Smackdown Women last eliminating Bianca Belair
Roman Reigns b. Drew McIntyre – Guillotine choke


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