Survivor Series

  • WWE Hoping To Get The Rock For Survivor Series Appearance

    It’s worth a try. There are very few instances where a wrestler becomes bigger than the promotion they are in. Every now and then though, it becomes clear that a...

    NewsJune 12, 2021
  • VIDEO: WWE Releases Full Survivor Series Documentary For Free

    NewsDecember 13, 2020
  • How Much Money Some WWE Stars Made For Survivor Series

    They’re worth the money. Professional wrestling is, by definition, designed to make money. That’s one of the things that might be forgotten about over time but at the end of...

    NewsNovember 28, 2020
  • Why Big E. And Lars Sullivan Did Not Wrestle At Survivor Series

    That’s a fast reunion. The WWE Draft took place less than two months ago and completely changed the shape of the WWE roster. That is going to be the case...

    NewsNovember 24, 2020
  • VIDEO: A WWE Legend Returns At Survivor Series (And Wins A Championship)

    I remember you. There have been all kinds of wrestlers under the WWE umbrella over the years, even to the point where some of them are back from the WWF...

    NewsNovember 23, 2020
  • VIDEO: Undertaker Tribute From Survivor Series And Who Appeared

    He’s earned the guest list. Survivor Series was designed to be built around the usual battle for bragging rights, but also over the Final Farewell of the Undertaker. This was...

    NewsNovember 23, 2020
  • The Battle For Brand Supremacy Has A New Winner

    NewsNovember 22, 2020
  • Survivor Series 2020 Live Coverage And Results

    Survivor Series 2020 Date: November 22, 2020 Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe, Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, Corey Graves It’s time for a special show as...

    Live CoverageNovember 22, 2020
  • Survivor Series 2020 Preview, Predictions And Thoughts

    It’s that time of the year again. Yes it’s time to act like Brand Supremacy means anything, and if you factor in that NXT, which won the whole thing last...

    FeaturesNovember 22, 2020
  • VIDEO: WWE Looks At A Different Kind Of Survivor Series Match

    It’s not quite why you came. We are very close to Survivor Series and as usual, one of the biggest parts of the show will be the elimination tag matches...

    NewsNovember 22, 2020