They won’t even get the travel miles. WWE is an international company and that means they are going to be in a lot of different places for their various shows. With so many places to go, it is clear that not everyone can wrestle on every show. Sometimes this is done for the sake of rest and in other cases it might be due to the wrestlers not wanting to perform for one reason or another. When you consider how controversial an upcoming show is going to be, this is even less of a surprise.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are a group of four wrestlers who will not be traveling to Saudi Arabia at the end of the month for Crown Jewel. The Undertaker and Goldberg have been left off of the show due to the star power provided by both Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez wrestling on the show. At the same time, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens have refused to work on the show due to Saudi Arabia’s history of human rights issues.

Here is what they will be missing. Check out two major matches being announced for the show:

Opinion: These shows are interesting in that they are not treated like any regular events. These four names not appearing makes sense on both counts as Undertaker and Goldberg did not have the most well received match there earlier this year while Bryan and Owens have personal reasons not to go. WWE seems to understand that they cannot push their talent that far as it would not likely look well, so thankfully they are being rather lenient about the whole thing.

Which of these four will be missed the most? What do you expect next for them? Let us know in the comments below.

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