What you supposed to be doin? Earlier this year, Enzo Amore was released from the WWE in a pretty big surprise. The problem with such an abrupt release was that he was in the middle of a few storylines at once and that left some loose ends to be tied up after his departure. Now five months have passed since he’s been gone and, as is Amore’s tradition, he’s been talking about various things, and that includes what was planned for his character on Monday Night Raw.

Make sure to check out what Amore said happened the night he was released.

Amore appeared on the Steve Austin Show this week to discuss a variety of topics, including what was planned to happen to him before he was released from the company in January. According to Amore, who was Cruiserweight Champion when he was released, he was scheduled to lose the title to the APA and Ted DiBiase during a poker game the night of the show. Later in the same night, Nia Jax would win the title back and give it to Amore as a gift. Amore went on to say that his storyline with Jax would have led to him having an affair with Alexa Bliss, setting off Jax vs. Bliss for WrestleMania 34.

The game went on without him and included quite the lineup.

The APA host a poker game: Raw 25, Jan. 22, 2018

Opinion: As much as I can’t stand Amore, there’s reason to believe that this is right. WWE loves to throw their titles around and it wouldn’t shock me to see them have a title change hands in a card game, only to have it go back later that night. I can also imagine WWE trying to make us believe that both Bliss and Jax would be fighting over Amore, as they certainly like going with their wacky love triangle storylines from time to time. Either that or Amore just wants you to believe that he would be put in romantic storylines with Bliss, Lana and Jax in the span of a few months.

Do you think these were the original plans? Do you like these ideas/ Let us know in the comments below.

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