How’s he doing? One of the biggest stories from earlier this year was the sudden release of then Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. One day he was fine and later that week he was gone from the company as a result of a sexual assault charge. While the charges would later be dropped, Amore is still gone from the WWE, though he has begun to pursue a career in rap music. Now he’s back with a very detailed account of his version of what led to his release and it’s quite the story.

But is it as good as this story?

Real1 (Enzo Amore) "Phoenix" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Amore appeared on this Tuesday’s edition of the Steve Austin Show where he discussed the circumstances of his release. This included a detailed recount of the day the news broke, which happened to be the day of the Monday Night Raw 25th Anniversary Show. Amore claims that he didn’t know anything about the incident before the news broke, but he did mention hearing something about it in the months leading up to the news. Here are some comments, with transcription courtesy of

On What Happened The Day Of Raw 25

“Vince McMahon was running around backstage — headless horsemen, insanity. It’s crazy and I found out about this while I was in rehearsals with the APA. So my phone keeps blowing up, people keep texting me. I’m like well people texting me, why is my phone keep ringing, keep ringing going through these rehearsals. I look and I see a tweet and that’s how I found out. I didn’t know anything. I called Mark Carrano immediately.”

“I don’t change in the locker room I change by myself so I’m off changing by myself and I’m like, ‘Hey Mark we need to talk’ and he’s like ‘yeah, no s–t.’ Link up with a lawyer from WWE in-house attorney and Adam Hopkins from PR. They asked me about the situation and I’m completely transparent and I call my lawyer because I was running around by myself before I called Mark Carrano backstage in a laundry room — I was in a laundry room calling my lawyer. I was like ‘get on the phone get this s–t handled right f–king now this is crazy.’ Then I called Carrano and I told him, yeah man I just paid my attorney a retainer whatever you need to sort this thing out you know. The police had never contacted me about this not once, not one time.”

On Possibly Knowing Something Was Coming Before The News Broke

“I got a buddy of mine who hit me up and was like, ‘hey man my girlfriend got an email from a guy saying he was an investigator saying some girl made a claim against a wrestler.’ Never mentioned my name but obviously, I kinda knew what he was talking about. That was when I called my lawyer immediately and I was like, ‘find out what’s going on here.’ Now I didn’t have to pay my lawyer to do that I just called my lawyer and this was in December and he called up and there’s nothing going on. There’s no investigation that he finds out about, my lawyer finds out about nothing.”

“Then this person puts this tweet out there on Raw 25 which is not a coincidence.  The police still to this point have never called me or contacted me. Not only one time, I’m not made aware to anything that’s going on outside of the fact that I have a friend who gets an email saying from a person claiming to be an investigator that there was a wrestler involved and they wanted to inquire to get more information. They never said there was a rape case or anything. They didn’t say anything like that so I didn’t even know these details. I find out like everyone else in the world.”

On Vince McMahon’s Reaction

“When this happens I make Vince aware immediately because I go right to Vince, what else are you gonna do?. The company is aware of this just as I’m made aware. This tweet goes out and the company is running around backstage and you know how backstage is. So they don’t know where I am. They’re trying to find me, they’re trying to call my phone.” Real1 then said before he talked to anyone in WWE, he called his attorney to tell him to get in contact with the police and find out what was going on.

“I go see Vince he’s the first person I go see, are you kidding me? Give me a break. So I go see Vince and he says, ‘we can’t send you out there tonight, we can’t put you on the show. This tweet, this is really bad.’ I didn’t say anything. I just stood there and I let Vince talk for a minute and I said, the first thing I said was, ‘you know and I know that I didn’t do this and I deserve better than this because I’m a good person,’ and I walked out. Vince said to me, ‘you gotta tell me when something like this is happening.’ I said, ‘man, I don’t know but I knew that there was that email, there was an email that came in to a friend from a person who was an investigator who never claimed to be a police officer.'”

And On What Happened Next

“You know I walked into Vince’s office, told him I was a good person and didn’t deserve this, I walked into the hallway. As I’m walking down the hallway at the Barclays Center he told me you know, ‘go home.’ I said to him I guess I’m on my way to DC, SmackDown is in DC. I’m like, ‘alright you sending me [to DC]?’ he goes, ‘go home and wait to hear from us and we’ll tell you if you need to come to SmackDown tomorrow.'”

“At that point I had no idea that I was suspended or being fired and the way it was kinda relayed to me it was like, ‘okay I guess I’m going to DC tomorrow, I’m playing by ear, waiting to hear.’ I walk down the hallway and I see Adam Hopkins and I see Adam and I’m like, ‘is there any further information? Have you guys gathered any further information?’ like on a legal tip. He says, blah blah blah and then he informs me that I’ve been suspended and the tweet already went out.”

“I was just in the room with Vince. He sent me home, told me maybe DC tomorrow, I didn’t hear I was suspended. Adam told me and I had just stepped out of Vince’s office. I grabbed Carrano immediately I saw him just by chance by something and I said, ‘I’m never gonna be able to forget this.’ I said ‘look at me right now I’m outa here and I’m not gonna forget this.’ I walked out with a lot of emotions, I turned my phone on airplane mode and I dipped out of Barclay’s Center and I know where I am I go from there to my sister’s house in Deleware. I escape. I got in the car, I drove to Deleware, my sister’s house immediately from Raw and I recorded myself speaking the entire drive.”

You can listen to the full interview right here.

Opinion: While it’s fairly clear that there were some false accusations leveled at Amore, it wasn’t the brightest idea in the world to not immediately mention that email to WWE. Maybe it was just someone running their mouth, but WWE is a major company and has media around them all the time. Give them a heads up and let them know that something like this might be coming so they can have a response ready for it. If that was the case and Amore was later exonerated from the legal issues, he’d almost for sure be in WWE today.

Do you think Amore should be in WWE? Will he ever be back? Let us know in the comments below.

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