Nia Jax

  • All Set: New Title Match Officially Set For WWE Elimination Chamber

    On the card. We are on the Road To WrestleMania but there are a few things that have to be covered on the way there. This includes at least one...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Major WWE Superstar Turning Babyface

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  • Not Like Most Girls: Nia Jax’s WWE Return Reportedly Causes Interesting Backstage Reaction

    A mixed bag? There have been so many wrestlers throughout WWE’s history that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. While many of those wrestlers do not...

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  • LOOK: Monday Night Raw Superstar Changes Appearance Before Upcoming Title Shot

    It’s a bit different. There area ll kinds of things that go into making a successful WWE star and one of the most important aspects is how they look. A...

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  • All In: Fatal Five Way Title Match Officially Set For WWE Crown Jewel

    That’s a lot. There are certain situations where multiple challenges are coming after the same champion at the same time. It can make for quite the ordeal for the champion...

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  • Not Fans: Wrestling Veteran Suggests WWE Wrestlers Unhappy With Nia Jax’s Return

    He’s not impressed. There are certain wrestlers who do not have the most sparkling reputations but have such star power that they are going to be around anyway. These issues...

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  • WATCH: Two Superstars Make Surprise Returns On Monday Night Raw, Get In Huge Brawl

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  • Her Too: Another WWE Superstar Written Off Television Following Attack

    Back soon? Injuries are among the worst things that can happen to any wrestler at any time as you never know when one might take place or how long they...

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  • On The Mend: Rhea Ripley And Raquel Rodriguez Dealing With Injuries Following Nia Jax Attack

    Down for now. There are all kinds of ways to start a feud between wrestlers and one of the most common is a surprise attack. Having a wrestler show up...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: More On Nia Jax’s New Role On Monday Night Raw

    That’s a big spot. There are all kinds of villains in wrestling and some of them are villains for different reasons. Some of them are the smart kinds of evil...

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