Nia Jax

  • How WWE Has Changed Monday Night Raw Plans After A Surprise Release

    There’s your replacement. WWE has had all kinds of changes taking place over the last few months, mainly in the form of wrestlers being released from the company. That can...

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  • Monday Night Raw Star To Miss “Extended” Time Due To Injury

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  • Update On Nia Jax’s Status After Monday Night Raw Attack

    It might be a little while. Injuries take place all the time in wrestling and that is never a good thing. Sometimes someone is going to be forced out of...

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  • Backstage WWE Reaction To Charlotte vs. Nia Jax On Monday Night Raw

    How did you think it would go? One of the biggest wrestling stories of the week has been the pretty much disaster that was Charlotte vs. Nia Jax on this...

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  • Differing Reports On What Happened Between Charlotte And Nia Jax On Monday Night Raw

    It’s better than no explanation. This week’s Monday Night Raw was another hit or miss edition, but there was one part that got almost everyone’s attention. One match did not...

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  • RUMOR: WATCH: Monday Night Raw Match Breaks Down Into A Bad Way

    It can happen. There are a lot of wrestling matches every single week and a good number of them are held on national television. As a result, you are going...

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  • WATCH: Nia Jax Badly Busted Open During Monday Night Raw

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  • WATCH: Team Split Leads To Surprise Title Change On Monday Night Raw

    Not the intended result. With so many wrestlers and characters on WWE television, it can make sense to put them together and see what they can do as a combined...

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  • VIDEO: Monday Night Raw Stars Invade SmackDown

    Nice to see you again. There are so many wrestlers on the WWE roster that the company has divided its wrestlers in two. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have had...

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  • VIDEO: Surprising Feud Seems To Continue On Monday Night Raw

    That might be next. Every now and then, you see something on WWE television that gets your attention. This could be a good or a bad thing, as it can...

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