Monday Night Raw
Date: October 28, 2013
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole

We’re finally past the Cell, meaning we’re coming up on Survivor Series. The problem coming out of last night is the last three PPVs have pretty much been made useless, as we’re right back where we were after Summerslam ended: Bryan has been screwed out of the world title by a crooked referee but this time there are less ways for him to get back on top. Other than that, Cena is the new World Heavyweight Champion, giving it its first important reign in months if not years. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last night with highlights of the three major matches.

You can vote tonight on what kind of match you want to see for Punk vs. Ryback. It’ll either be a street fight, falls count anywhere or a tables match.

Here’s the new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to open the show. He talks about how he’s used to the sound of half the place booing and half the place cheering but he missed it. A lot of people said that Cena came back too early and there’s one in particular that he wants to thank: John Bradshaw Layfield. Cena does a nice imitation of JBL, saying that he’s not back for just one night or one match but for good. He’s sounding a bit like he did in the rapper days here. Cena remembers what the World Heavyweight Championship means and knows Del Rio has a rematch. If he wants some come get some.

Here’s the new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to open the show. He talks about how he’s used to the sound of half the place booing and half the place cheering but he missed it. A lot of people said that Cena came back too early and there’s one in particular that he wants to thank: John Bradshaw Layfield. Cena does a nice imitation of JBL, saying that he’s not back for just one night or one match but for good. He’s sounding a bit like he did in the rapper days here. Cena remembers what the World Heavyweight Championship means and knows Del Rio has a rematch. If he wants some come get some.

Cena goes to leave but here’s Damien Sandow to what sounds like a lower key version of Hallelujah. Sandow says the uncrowned champion is here and he knows that Cena can’t possibly be back at 100% so soon after the injury he had. Cena is just scared that Sandow will cash in on him and he could do that anytime… RIGHT NOW? Eh he’s just kidding because he’ll do it any night but tonight.

Sandow goes to leave and brushes up against Cena, who shoves him down. Damien goes OFF on Cena with the case, blasting him in the arm and head over and over. The bad arm is wrapped around the post and sent into the barricade and then the steps. Sandow puts the arm on the steps and crushes it with a chair, saying his time is now. He slides into the ring and grabs the briefcase. Here’s a referee and the cashin is on! After a break!

World Heavyweight Title: John Cena vs. Damien Sandow

Back from a break and Cena is on his feet and we get an opening bell! Cena is fighting with one arm and does what he can but Sandow takes him down with a DDT to the arm for two. A whip into the post gets the same and Sandow drives knees into the arm. We hit the armbar but Cena fights up with a belly to belly suplex for two. Sandow goes back to the arm but Cena gets out and scores with a clothesline as we take another break less than three and a half minutes after we came back.

Back with Sandow winning a slugout but getting slammed down. Cena hits a big boot of all things before starting up his finishing sequence. The Shuffle is broken up by a shot to the arm and a flipping neckbreaker gets two for the challenger. The ringside doctor looks concerned for Cena’s arm. Cena hits an AA out of NOWHERE but Damien rolls to the floor. Dr. Samson is checking on Cena but John goes to get Sandow.

He rolls Damien back in and tries a one arm STF but Sandow easily breaks free before it’s on. The Terminus connects for two more and there’s a full nelson. Cena counters into one of his own which he lifts up and lets go, pulling the falling Sandow into a neckbreaker (nice move!) for two. Sandow grabs a Crippler Crossface of all things and Cena is in trouble, but he powers out and tries the STF.

Sandow escapes again and hits You’re Welcome but Cena is up again at two. So much for that finisher. The fans think this is awesome and they’re absolutely right. Sandow loads up a superplex but Cena headbutts him down, only to miss the high cross body. Cena comes up holding his knee, so Damien tries a piledriver, only to be countered into a bad looking AA for the pin at 13:09.

Result: John Cena b. Damien Sandow – Attitude Adjustment (13:09)

Shield says tonight is a huge night because Ambrose has to defend against Langston again.

US Title: Big E. Langston vs. Dean Ambrose

Langston was cut open in the match last night so we might have more blood here. He runs into a shot in the corner and Dean goes after the eye, only to have Big E. come back with clotheslines and a belly to belly suplex. Langston loads up the Ultimate splash but Reigns low bridges him for the DQ at 1:20.

Result: Big E. Langston b. Dean Ambrose via DQ when Shield interfered (1:20)

Post match Shield beats down Langston until the Usos come in. Teddy Maddox makes it a six man.

Shield vs. Big E. Langston/Usos

Joined in progress with Shield working over Jimmy Uso via a Seth kick to the head and a knee drop from Reigns. Off to the US Champion who pounds away on Jimmy, only to get caught by an enziguri to put him down. Reigns comes in to try the Superman clothesline but gets caught in a DDT to put him down.

There’s the tag off to Jey who comes in off the top and avoids a diving Rollins. Seth takes him into the corner and loads up a superplex, only to be shoved down to the mat with ease as Ambrose and Langston fight on the floor. Jey’s Superfly Splash hits knees but Jimmy saves his brother from a double suplex. A double superkick puts Seth on the floor but Reigns spears both Usos down and pins Jey at 5:00.

Result: Shield b. Usos/Big E. Langston – Spear to Jey Uso (5:00)

Here’s Shawn for the big explanation. He owes everyone a reason for what he did and Daniel Bryan in particular, so Bryan needs to come out here. A very serious Bryan comes out and Shawn said he called the match right down the line and only took out Bryan because Daniel took out Shawn’s best friend. Like it or not, HHH is Shawn’s friend and that’s never going to change. HHH was there for Shawn when no one else was, so last night Shawn was there for him.

Shawn doesn’t care if Daniel agrees, but he just wants him to accept the apology. Daniel shakes his head so Shawn praises him for how great he is in the ring and how far Bryan has come since Shawn trained him. Last night was finishing school and Bryan had to learn it. In WWE you don’t trust anyone, even your future wife. Shawn says he’s humbling himself here (he sounds apologetic and not evil at all) by apologizing so the least Bryan can do is accept it.

Bryan shakes his head again and Shawn has had it. He’s spent seven months hearing people call Bryan a B+ player but Shawn has stuck up for him. Now Shawn doesn’t care because he’s an A+ player and he always will be. He’s giving Bryan the chance to shake his hand so do it already. Bryan shakes it so Daniel pulls him into the YES Lock! Shawn taps but Bryan keeps pulling until referees come out.

Post break Daniel Bryan is in the back when the Wyatts of all people lay him out. Bray hits Sister Abigail’s Kiss into a wall, saying the devil made him do it. Wyatt rolls a case against Bryan’s head to knock him out. This has potential.

Los Matadores vs. 3MB

Handicap match and the Band brings a met with them for Torito. Fernando gets beaten down to start until it’s off to Diego to clean house. McIntyre hits a running boot to the chest to put him down as Slater goes bull hunting. Torito dives under the ring and sprays Slater with a fire extinguisher. Slater gets gored from the back and the double Angle Slam pins McIntyre at 3:40.

Results: Los Matadores b. 3MB – Double Angle Slam to McIntyre (3:40)

Post match Slater is put in the net and taken down by Torito.

Here’s another video on how to download the WWE App because you’re too stupid to press three buttons.

Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka

Bryan has been taken to a hospital so Brie is upset. She’s so upset in fact that Nikki makes her start against AJ. Off to Tamina for a hard chinlock to eat up some time. Nikki fights up and cleans part of the house, only to be caught in a Samoan drop from Tamina and the Black Widow for the submission at 3:30.

Result: AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka b. Bella Twins – Black Widow to Nikki (3:30)

Kane vs. The Miz

This was set up when Kane saved Miz from the Wyatts but chokeslammed him down due to being Kane. A big boot gets an early two for Kane but Miz fights back with some left hands and a clothesline in the corner. He goes up for the ax handle and jumps into the chokeslam to give Kane the pin at 1:20.

Result: Kane b. The Miz – Chokeslam (1:20)

Post match Kane grabs a mic and demands that Stephanie of all people get out here right now. She comes to the stage and says that’s close enough. Kane says she’s been on a power trip and manipulated and ruined lies. In this day and age though, it’s what best for business, so the monster is hers to unleash. This would be the 1904th heel turn for Kane if you’re keeping track. Kane walks to the stage, takes his mask off with his back to the camera, hands it to Stephanie, and walks off.

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David Otunga says Big Show’s lawsuit has merit and could cost the McMahons millions if not loss of the company.

Here’s CM Punk, presumably to tell us what to vote for on the WWE App. He has big bags under his eyes but he says he slept better last night than he has in months because he finally got Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman is gone after last night so now Punk’s attention will be on Ryback. Ryback is a tough guy but without Heyman he’s just a knuckle dragging neanderthal. Punk promises to beat Ryback, just like he promised to get rid of Heyman.

CM Punk vs. Ryback

It’s a street fight with 59% of the vote. Ryback drives Punk into the corner as the Goldberg chants are in full force. Punk gets an elbow up to stop a charging Ryback before hitting a high cross body for two. Ryback is knocked to the floor but catches a plancha in midair. Punk’s back is rammed into the post as Ryback pulls out a table.

He’s not fast enough though as Punk grabs a kendo stick to blast Ryback before we head back inside. A neckbreaker gets two for Punk and he sets up the table. The high kick is countered into a buckle bomb by Ryback though and he loads up a superplex. Punk knocks him away and puts Ryback on the table for the Macho Elbow. The Anaconda Vice gets the submission at 4:25.

Result: CM Punk b. Ryback – Anaconda Vice (4:25)

Post match here are the Wyatts again to lay out Punk. He swings the kendo stick a few times but there are too many monsters. Bray says he’s been waiting for this but Punk headbutts him, only to be taken down by the discus lariat from Bray. Sister Abigail’s Kiss leaves Punk laying.

Goldust/Cody Rhodes vs. Real Americans

Non-title. The fans chant for Goldust as he starts with Cesaro by cranking on the arm. Swagger comes in and is quickly taken down, only to drag Goldust into the corner. Off to Cody vs. Cesaro with Rhodes hitting a running knee to the head for two. The release front suplex puts Antonio down and a bulldog gets two for Goldust. Swagger comes back in but walks into a springboard dropkick from Cody as we take a break.

Back with Cesaro hitting the gutwrench suplex on Cody for two. Off to Swagger for a front facelock and he drives Rhodes into the corner to keep him in trouble. A Vader Bomb to the back sets up the double stomp from Cesaro for two. Cody fights out of a chinlock and finally makes the tag off to Goldust to clean house. A Disaster Kick puts Cesaro on the floor and a top rope cross body from Goldust gets two but he gets countered into the Patriot Lock. The reversal sends Swagger into the corner but Cesaro makes the save at two. Cody is sent to the floor and another Patriot Lock gets the submission at 12:20.

Result: Real Americans b. Cody Rhodes/Goldust – Patriot Lock to Goldust (12:20)

Here’s Del Rio with something to say. He stands a Mexican flag next to him and pulls a mic from his coat which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Del Rio doesn’t care what Sandow did because Cena is a thief. No matter what happened tonight, Del Rio is getting a rematch and he’s going to hurt Cena. The arm is his target and he’s going to break it to pieces. The title belongs to him but you already know that.

The fans picked to see Goldberg vs. Undertaker on WWE 14, beating out Hogan vs. Cena, Flair vs. Bryan and Michaels vs. Rock.

Summer Rae vs. Natalya

This is Summer’s solo debut. Natalya is easily taken down but comes back with a backslide for two. Summer yells at her a lot and chokes Natalya in the corner with those long legs. Off to a stump puller of all things before Summer hooks something like an Indian Deathlock. This has been one sided so far. Off to a chinlock by Summer before a running knee to the face gets two. She stops to kiss Fandango on the cheek, starting a fight between Horny and Fandango. Khali chops the dancer down, allowing Natalya to hook a quick Sharpshooter for the win at 5:20.

Result: Natalya b. Summer Rae – Sharpshooter (5:20)

The entire roster is on the stage for Orton’s championship celebration. Shield is handling security and here are HHH and Stephanie for the introduction. HHH talks about picking Orton to be the future a decade ago and grooming him for this spot. Orton is finally introduced and Stephanie says he’s champion for everyone. Everyone should respect him but he gets a NO chant instead.

Orton says you’re either a success or you’re not, and this title makes him a success. It also makes him their superior, if that’s clear. Cue Big Show ubt he can’t get past Shield. The Usos and Goldust/Cody come out to fight Shield, leaving Big Show a clear path. Orton, HHH and Stephanie bail, leaving Show alone in the ring. Big Show says he knows about the restraining order but he’s not going to listen to all this. If he’s arrested he’ll just get out on bail so it’s not even worth it.

His lawsuit is going to gain him millions of dollars and he has nothing to lose. He spends so much time yelling at HHH that Orton comes in with a belt shot to knock Big Show down. HHH says do it again but Big Show gets in a KO punch to knock Orton out cold. HHH stares Show down and takes off the jacket but bails to the floor. Show: “YOU USED TO BE THE GAME!” HHH doesn’t do anything and the show is over.

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