Kings of Colosseum 2021
Date: January 6, 2021
Location: Gilt Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Jared St. Laurent, Rich Bocchini

It’s a special show this time around as we’re getting to look at one of the company’s big events for free. There are three title matches tonight as things are indeed feeling stacked. The Tag Team, Middleweight and National Openweight Titles are all on the line, meaning this is going to be a big show. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Alexander Hammerstone wanting the World Title and needing to go through Mads Krugger to get there. Krugger is ready for him.

Tag Team Titles: Von Erichs vs. Dirty Blondes

The Blondes, with Ariya Blake, are challenging and this is a Bunkhouse (country themed street fight) match. It’s a brawl to start with Marshall Von Erich being sent outside in a hurry. Ross Von Erich hits a quick dropkick though and everyone heads to the floor for the brawl. They waste no time in brawling to the back and then outside with Marshall being sent into a plastic table. Back inside and a cowbell to the head drops Leo Brien. Blake gets in a cheap shot and chokes Ross a bit, which has absolutely no effect. The Claw/belly to back suplex combination finishes Brien at 3:53.

Result: Von Erichs b. Dirty Blondes – Claw/belly to back suplex combination to Brien (3:53)

The Von Erichs say anyone can come get a shot.

Simon Gotch isn’t here to face Jordan Oliver for some reason.

We look at Tom Lawlor defeating Low Ki to win the Opera Cup.

Lawlor talks about taking the cup everywhere, from the bathroom to the filthiest clubs in Vegas. He’s so proud that he has even had another cup made. This is the first time that he has been sober since winning the tournament and now they’re heading to FILTHY ISLAND.

Lio Rush has heard Myron Reed call himself Mr. Hot Fire but no one is hotter than him.

Reed is ready to show Rush what he’s all about.

Here’s the top ten:

10. Mads Krugger
9. Calvin Tankman
8. Laredo Kid
7. ACH
6. Richard Holliday
5. Myron Reed
4. LA Park
3. Low Ki
2. Tom Lawlor
1. Alex Hammerstone

Gotch vs. Oliver is officially postponed.

Middleweight Title: Lio Rush vs. Myron Reed

Reed is defending and has Jordan Oliver with him. Rush goes for the ankle to start but gets caught in a wristlock. That’s broken up in a hurry too and it’s time to run the ropes, with Reed hitting a slingshot belly to back drop. A legdrop gets two on Rush, who is right back with an elbow to the face. Rush starts doing his running dodges and Reed is sent to the floor for a suicide dive.

Back in and Rush takes his back with a chinlock to keep Reed in trouble. That’s broken up and Reed’s springboard cutter is blocked. A 540 kick to the face drops Reed again and Rush kicks at the chest. We’re back to the chinlock for a bit more but this time Reed fights up with a clothesline. That sends Rush outside so Reed hits a big running dive over the top. Back in and a springboard uppercut connects as commentary puts over Reed’s comeback skills. A fireman’s carry slam into a low superkick gets two on Rush so he rolls outside.

That’s enough for Rush to pop up and switch places with Reed, setting up a bottom rope Asai moonsault from Rush. A twisting Unprettier gives Rush two back inside and a clothesline cuts off the crisscross attempt. Reed gets in some shots to the face and they slug it out until Reed enziguris him to the apron. The always cool looking running over the top cutter takes Rush down to the floor but the frog splash misses back inside. Rush’s springboard Stunner connects, setting up the Final Hour for the pin and the title at 14:19.

Result: Lio Rush b. Myron Reed – Final Hour (14:19)

Rush says he’s awesome and no one is stopping him.

Alex Hammerstone is asked about his title match but Contra hacks the feed and promises a new soldier.

Tom Lawlor’s Filthy Island is coming soon.

Salina de la Renta promises her own show next week and the main event will be Los Parks challenging for the Tag Team Titles, in exchange for rejoining Promociones Dorado. Tom Lawlor will be the guest referee to make it completely fair.

Myron Reed says Lio Rush was the better man tonight but he’ll get the title back. Contra jumps Reed and Jordan Oliver, with Daivari joining in as the new soldier.

National Openweight Title: Alex Hammerstone vs. Mads Krugger

Krugger is challenging. They don’t waste time and start the brawl on the floor, with Hammerstone getting in a belt shot to the head. Hammerstone’s clothesline out of the corner doesn’t do much good inside and a big boot puts him on the floor. Krugger drops him face first onto the apron and they’re back inside with Hammerstone managing a belly to belly.

A running clothesline takes Krugger down this time and there’s a pump kick to the face in the corner. Another suplex gives Hammerstone one but it’s way too early for the Nightmare Pendulum. They take turns hammering away in the corner and brawl to the floor again for the double countout at 6:24.

Result: Mads Krugger vs. Alex Hammerstone went to a double countout (6:24)


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