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Fusion #62
Date: June 15 2019
Location: Waukesha County Expo Center, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Commentators: Jim Cornette, Rich Bocchini

It’s a special show as Salina de la Renta is in charge again. That means things should be a little bit more interesting than usual, as Salina is awesome in a variety of ways. She’s one of the best villains in wrestling today and I could go for a show centered around her. Just give us some more storyline advancements on the good side, including either Mance Warner or Sami Callihan leaving the company. Let’s get to it.

Salina’s leg welcomes us to the show and runs down the card. She’s very happy about getting rid of either Warner or Callihan.

Opening sequence, featuring Salina and her goons.

Callihan and Warner can’t get in the building due to Salina’s orders. Jimmy Havoc, now apparently Salina’s newest lackey, won’t let them in and the two of them aren’t happy. Of note: Sami kicks a door here, which apparently got him in hot water with the company because he did serious damage.

Rey Horus vs. Flamita

They go with the wristdrags and flips to start with neither being able to get in much of note. Both guys flip to their feet and the fans are rather appreciative. A running headscissors puts Horus down on the floor. That means the big moonsault from the top and now we stop for the required floss dancing. The chinlock goes on for a bit, followed by even more dancing that Cornette ignores.

Horus is back up with an AJ Styles drop down into a dropkick and a hurricanrana of his own. The big flip dive to the floor drops Flamita again and the fans are right back into this. Back in and Horus kicks him in the head for one but Flamita grabs a Muscle Buster into two knees to the chest for two of his own. An overhead belly to belly into the corner gets two on Flamita and it’s time for the slow chop off.

Horus’ sunset flip is rolled through into a basement dropkick but he’s right back up for another dropkick of his own. A spear into the very twisting tornado DDT sets up another DDT for two on Flamita and they’re both down as Cornette tries to figure out how they come up with this stuff. They talk trash and forearm it out until Horus gets two off a spike hurricanrana. Flamita is right back with a tiger driver into a frog splash for two of his own, followed by a 450 for the pin at 13:20.

Result: Flamita b. Rey Horus – 450 (13:20)

Video on Contra’s destruction and chaos.

Tom Lawlor has the Von Erichs backing him up against Contra. They’re actually here this week, with Lawlor saying Contra talks about the world burning at their hands. Next week: Contra goes to sleep at Lawlor’s hands.

Savio Vega is coming.

Low Ki vs. Ricky Martinez

Salina de la Renta takes credit for tonight but mocks the fans for liking cheese. Low Ki charges straight at him to start so Martinez bails to the floor, meaning it’s time for a chase. Martinez gets thrown back inside but a Salina distraction lets Martinez get in a shot to the ribs. A running dropkick to the head gets two and we hit something like a camel clutch.

That’s broken up in a hurry and Low Ki hits the double stomp for a needed breather. The bodyscissors goes on as Cornette tries to figure out how Salina’s dress stays on (fair enough). Back up and Martinez pulls the referee in front of a Low Ki charge and a kick to the face gets two. Low Ki is back up and one heck of a clothesline….actually knocks Martinez out for the KO win at 5:53.

Result: Low Ki b. Ricky Martinez via knockout (5:53)

Post match Low Ki and Salina say something we can’t hear.

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner argue over who gets promo time and over who is going to be riding a horse out of MLW.

Video on LA Park.

Dr. Wagner Jr. is coming.

Salina yells at Martinez and the F bombs are flying.

The Dynasty is getting ready for Richard Holliday’s match with Teddy Hart next week so Richard makes fun of Hart’s gear. They have to explain the joke to Holliday and then make cat jokes. Hammerstone seems to brag about being the only champion but backs down in a hurry.

Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan

Hardcore rules and the loser leaves MLW. Sami spits water on Cornette and Bocchini, which was pretty much it for him in MLW. Cornette throws a chair at him and the swearing is on in a hurry, with some rather real insults thrown in there. They slug it out on the floor and Cornette is going full blast, though he does make sure to say that he wants Mance to win to get rid of Sami.

It’s already time to go into the crowd and over to the merchandise stand with Sami throwing various things at him. They ram each other into a fence around the stands and Sami suplexes him onto a bleacher for two. A trashcan goes over Warner’s head and they trade headbutts with Warner, the one whose head was covered in plastic, getting the better of it. Sami pelts a chair at him and takes a bow as Cornette rants about all the diseases Sami has in his mouth.

It’s time to fight by the concession stand (Cornette: “Is this Tupelo?”) and there’s a spork to Sami’s head. Warner puts the Tabasco sauce in Sami’s mouth as Teddy Hart is watching the fight. They actually get in the ring and of course it’s time for the staple gun. A sunset flip is broken up with a staple to Mance’s head and Sami puts a trashcan around him for a bonus.

Warner is busted open and Sami staples a dollar to his arm. Another one is stapled to his head as Cornette accurately says that this has nothing to do with wrestling. Warner fights back and finds a piece of wood from underneath the ring. The wood is sets up between two chairs but Sami catches him on top with a super piledriver for two. Since a jumping middle rope piledriver through a table is only good for two here, Warner hits a weak spear through more wood in the corner for two of his own.

With nothing else working, they sit down in a pair of chairs and slug it out until they spit at each other for a change. Sami tombstones him near a chair for two and STAPLES HIS TONGUE TO THE WOOD. Warner rips it back off and knees Sami in the head for one. Another running knee drives the wood into Sami’s head for the pin at 18:12.

Result: Mance Warner b. Sami Callihan – Running knee against a piece of wood (18:12)

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