Date: June 19, 2019
Location: Download Festival, Leicestershire, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Aiden English

Things are shaking up around here as Imperium has added its fourth member with Alexander Wolfe. That is likely to set up a fourth member of British Strong Style, or at least a friend or two, to help fight off the villains. We could get something very good out of this and I’m rather pleased. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Wolfe joining Imperium last week.

Opening sequence.

Kenny Williams vs. Kassius Ohno

Ohno goes to the arm to start (the right one for a change) and cranks on it again to take Williams down to the mat. Back up and Williams flips over him but Ohno is too big for a sunset flip. For some reason Williams ties himself in the ropes, allowing Ohno to kick him in the face. The chinlock sets up a double arm crank as the fans implore Ohno to not eat Williams.

The backsplash hits Williams’ raised knees, which hurts the knee a bit due to Ohno’s girth. It’s fine enough to flip out of a belly to back suplex and grab a rollup for two. Ohno gets knocked outside for the dropkick through the ropes and a suicide dive. Back in and Ohno breaks up a springboard, setting up the discus elbow to the back of the head for the pin at 7:25.

Result: Kassius Ohno b. Kenny Williams – Discus elbow (7:25)

Post match here’s Imperium, now with their own graphic and matching track suits, so Ohno makes a hasty retreat.

Post break, Marcel Barthel is rather heavily booed before being able to say that the people seem to think Imperium is here to entertain them. That’s not true, because they’re here to restore the honor of their sport. The fans want wrestling as Barthel talks about their numbers increasing. Fans: “WHO ARE YA???” After being told to respect their values, the fans say that they want Pete Dunne.

Wolfe gets cut off by a SANITY chant before saying that he wanted wrestling to be treated with respect. Walter brings up #1 contender Travis Banks, who has an upcoming title shot but Imperium will decide how things will be done. The title match is next week and Banks is a fool for thinking he has a chance against Walter. Cue Banks to say he’s down for a title match next week and Walter needs to bring everything he’s got.

We look back at Gallus attacking the Hunt two weeks ago.

Noam Dar was on the phone when a cameraman interrupted him to ask if Dar took a drive recently. Dar doesn’t like that accusation and mockingly applauds Kenny Williams for his loss. There is room for Williams under Dar’s arm but Williams threatens to treat his arm like his knee.

The Hunt vs. Gallus

It’s Mark Coffey/Wolfgang for Gallus here with Joe Coffey in the corner. The brawl is on in a hurry with the Hunt sending them outside for double suicide dives. We settle down to Boar and Coffey with Mark getting in a full nelson slam. It’s off to Wolfgang for a neck crank, a tag to Coffey for some stomping, and a seated full nelson from Wolfgang.

Coffey slaps on a cobra clutch on the mat as we run the full list of neck related holds. Boar finally flips out of another full nelson and brings Primate in to beat up Wolfgang. Everything breaks down and Boar gets driven into the steps. Back in and the enziguri/powerslam combination finishes Primate at 6:14.

Result: Gallus b. The Hunt – Enziguri/powerslam combination to Primate (6:14)

Post match Joe joins in for the big beatdown. Dave Mastiff makes the save.

Moustache Mountain is getting a Tag Team Title shot in two weeks. They’re focused on Imperium, but getting the titles is what matters most.

Battle Royal

Xia Brookside, Jinny, Jazzy Gabbert, Kay Lee Ray, Piper Niven, Isla Dawn, Nina Samuels, Killer Kelly, Candy Floss, Rhea Ripley, Rhio, Kanji

The winner gets a future Women’s Title match. Everyone but Jazzy go to the ropes to start before three of them go after Jazzy instead. That means Rhio and Kanji being tossed out, followed by a Dominator to Floss. Jinny gets rid of her and the ring has cleared out in a hurry. Ray is sent outside (not over the top) and comes up holding her knee. Niven picks Jazzy up and puts her on the apron, allowing Brookside to get in a sliding dropkick for the elimination.

That leaves Jinny surrounded so it’s a triple team from Brookside, Dawn and Niven. Jinny is thrown over the top but Jazzy catches her and slides the boss back in. Jazzy is ejected so Xia gets rid of Jinny a few seconds later. Ripley muscles Kelly out and we’re down to five. Brookside and Dawn go after Ripley but Xia gets tied in the Tree of Woe for her efforts.

There goes Dawn and it’s the Ripley vs. Niven showdown. Hang on though as Samuels is tossed and it’s Ripley, Niven, Brookside and Ray on the floor. A Cannonball crushes Ripley but she shoves Ripley over the top to the apron. Niven pulls her out with her and Brookside eliminates them both with a dropkick. The celebration is on but Ray comes back in and dumps Brookside for the win at 8:40.

Result: Kay Lee Ray won a battle royal last eliminating Xia Brooks (8:40)

This is a big one:

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