Fusion #118
Date: January 20, 2021
Location: Gilt Nightclub, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Jared St. Laurent

We’re back to normal this week after Salina de la Renta was in charge last week, but the interesting note came at the end of last week’s show. De la Renta’s Promociones Dorado seems to have been bought out by some group called Azteca Underground, which seems to be some continuation of Lucha Underground. That certainly gets my interest so let’s get to it.

ACH is challenging for the World Title tonight but has been attacked outside of the gym. The match is still on.

Opening sequence.

Zenshi vs. Daivari

Daivari is the newest Contra soldier. Feeling out process to start until Daivari nails a running clothesline for an early two. There’s a backdrop out of the corner for the same and the armbar has Zenshi in more trouble. A hammerlock slam gets two more and the armbar goes on. Zenshi is sent outside but comes back in with some rams into the buckles. A slingshot neckbreaker gets two (with one arm) but a bottom rope 450 hits knees. Daivari grabs a hammerlock lariat for the pin at 6:11.

Result: Daivari b. Zenshi – Hammerlock lariat (6:11)

Myron Reed isn’t scared of Contra and wants some of Daivari.

Savio Vega looks at a picture of himself and promises to get the Caribbean belt back from Richard Holliday in a strap match. Vega will even provide the strap, which is the same one he used on Steve Austin. The contract is in the mail.

Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch

Gotch wins an early slugout without too much trouble but Oliver is right back with more forearms of his own. That earns him a Saito suplex so Oliver grabs a waistlock into a snap suplex. They head outside with Contra hitting a kick to the back and adds an elbow drop from the apron.

Back in and some chops in the corner put Oliver on the floor, followed by an enziguri for two back inside. An armbar sends Oliver straight to the rope as Gotch seems to be toying with him. Oliver finally gets in a running knee to the chest for two and a big boot gets the same. That’s about it for Oliver though as his springboard is pulled into a sleeper to give Gotch the win at 7:28.

Result: Simon Gotch b. Jordan Oliver – Sleeper (7:28)

Post match Gotch lays him out with a piledriver for a bonus. Myron Reed runs in for the save.

We look back at Los Parks winning the Tag Team Titles last week.

Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy denies all allegations against them from last week’s title change. They don’t have any idea who attacked ACH this morning either.

Video on ACH.

Salina de la Renta isn’t having any of these questions about Promociones Dorado so Alicia Atout goes on a mini rant about how ridiculous Salina is for never answering anything. Alicia is going to find out what’s going on.

Mads Krugger knows that he will end Alex Hammerstone when they meet again in two week.

ACH has said that Team Filthy’s Dominic Garrini attacked him this morning.

Richard Holliday joins us from Martha’s Vineyard and says he has signed the contract to face Savio Vega against his lawyer/father’s advice because he is 12 steps ahead of Vega.

MLW World Title: ACH vs. Jacob Fatu

ACH is challenging and is rather banged up coming in. Daivari is here with Fatu to keep things unfair. ACH charges at him to start and gets knocked into the corner with ease. Some backflips allow ACH to dropkick the champ outside but the dive is knocked out of the air. There’s a ribs first drop onto the apron and Fatu sits down on the ribs back inside. Another drop misses though and ACH strikes away, only to get pulled into a Samoan drop.

Fatu drops down onto the ribs again to keep ACH in trouble. The running hip attack misses but ACH’s rather dumb slam attempt comes crashing down. Fatu grabs a neck crank and there’s a headbutt to put ACH back down. A missed charge into the corner puts Fatu down for a bit though and ACH gets to strike away.

ACH dropkicks the knee out and hits a basement dropkick to the side of the head. There’s a slingshot cutter (which Fatu sells like a DDT) for two and a hurricanrana sets up an enziguri. For some reason ACH tries the slam again, this time earning himself a pop up Samoan drop. The moonsault finishes ACH at 9:52.

Result: Jacob Fatu b. ACH – Moonsault (9:52)

Post match Fatu and Daivari proclaim Contra’s dominance but the flag bearers jump them, revealing themselves to be Injustice to end the show.


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