That’s a relief. Wrestling is a physical sport and that means you never know when someone is going to get hurt. That is the kind of thing that can be rather scary at times when you hear about a wrestler being injured. Sometimes the stories of injuries are a little more serious than others, and some of them are not serious whatsoever, as they can be pure storyline. Thankfully, that is the case this time around.

It is almost hard to imagine that Kofi Kingston has been around WWE for over twelve years. He has won almost everything that there is to win in the company and even had an amazing WrestleMania moment in 2018 when he won the WWE Title. Throw in his incredibly successful time with the New Day and there is no question about his level of success. I would think he has earned a vacation, and now he is receiving one.

According to Tom Colohue on the Dropkick DiSKussion podcast, Kingston’s injury announced on last week’s SmackDown was a storyline and Kingston is simply taking time off. Kingston said that he will be missing about six weeks of action, during which Big E. is being prepared for a singles push. There is no word on what Kingston and Big E. will be doing when Kingston returns to action.

It is a quite a show. Check out the podcast, plus what Kingston can do when he gets back:

Opinion: This isn’t quite the biggest surprise as Kingston’s departure did not seem to be the most serious injury. That being said, it makes sense to have him take some time off, just for the sake of giving him a little break. If they can throw in a long awaited Big E. singles push, they might as well see what they can do with it because it isn’t like anything else is working on SmackDown at the moment.

What is your favorite Kingston match? How will Big E.’s singles push go? Let us know in the comments below.

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