Impact Wrestling
Date: October 20, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Madison Rayne, Josh Matthews

It’s the go home show for Bound For Glory and that probably can’t come soon enough. The company has been limping into the show and they could use a nice boost before we get to Saturday. Tonight is probably going to be a lot of building up what is already there and that could go either way. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Heath vs. Rhino vs. Hernandez vs. Cousin Jake vs. Alisha

Whoever wins is the last entrant in the Call Your Shot gauntlet but whoever takes the fall is the first entrant. Alisha yells a lot and shoves some people so Hernandez puts her on the top rope and tussles her hair. She jumps onto Heath’s back but gets driven into the corner, leaving Rhino and Hernandez to slug it out for all of five seconds.

The guys head outside and Alisha dives onto three of the four. Back in and Rhino hammers on Hernandez in the corner but Jake comes in to choke Rhino in another corner. Alisha comes in to break up the dive but Jake breaks up the Border Toss. Rhino Gores Alisha by mistake and in his shock, Hernandez grabs a rollup for the pin on Rhino at 4:45.

Result: Hernandez b. Heath, Rhino, Cousin Jake and Alisha – Rollup to Rhino (4:45)

Announcers preview tonight and Saturday.

Video on Moose vs. EC3.

Jimmy Jacobs sits down with Moose, who doesn’t seem interested in talking about anything but EC3, who won’t be happy after Bound For Glory. Moose leaves, so three guys in EC3 gear come in and kidnap Jacobs, throwing him into a van.

John E. Bravo yells at the wedding party about the wedding for being so terrible at their jobs. Apparently Kaleb With A K will be the photographer but here’s Taya Valkyrie to complain about everything, but Bravo storms off.

Deonna Purrazzo talks about how important the Knockouts Title is in this company’s history. Do you want someone like her as champion or Kylie Rae? Being smiley and happy isn’t a game plan! All it took was Purrazzo breaking Susie’s arm to send Rae over the edge and on Saturday, she isn’t winning the title.

Havok vs. Rosemary

If Rosemary wins, Father James Mitchell can be brought back to officiate the wedding. Havok squeezes her down by the hand to start but misses a legdrop to give Rosemary two. Havok’s reverse DDT is blocked so Rosemary hits one of her own for two more. A guillotine is broken up with a suplex and Havok is getting serious. Rosemary gets a boot up in the corner though and a high crossbody gives her two. Back to back spears finish Havok at 3:27.

Result: Rosemary b. Havok – Spear (3:27)

Video on the Tag Team Title match.

Here’s a sneak peak at Talk N Shop: Full Gear.

Kylie Rae says Deonna Purrazzo is more interested in making people think she is better rather than actually being better. Rae wants to be a role model to young girls and she is going to be ready for everything Deonna has for her at Bound For Glory.

The EC3 guys bring Jacobs into a building and put him into a chair, with EC3 sitting next to him. EC3 says it’s just the two of them so ask him a question. Right now they’re in a narrative, and now Moose is the adversary that EC3 wants to face. EC3 met the Moose he has been waiting to fight on that bridge last week but Moose is a FALSE IDOL.

Last week, EC3 saw it in his eyes and Moose was starting to control his narrative. Moose has to learn, but it has to be at EC3’s hands. EC3 fights for control and purpose but also for himself. The whole point of this is to take the TNA World Title and burn it, just like Moose’s legacy.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Sami walks into an atomic drop to start but blocks a belly to belly suplex with a rake to the eyes. They fight to the floor with Sami getting his own eyes raked this time. Sami hits his own belly to belly onto the ramp though and Eddie is in trouble. Back in and Sami grabs a brainbuster for two and we hit the chinlock. Eddie fights back up so Callihan whips him into a corner to stop the comeback cold.

The real comeback starts with a clothesline and a super hurricanrana sets up the Blue Thunder Bomb for two on Sami. They slug it out from their knees and then chop it out from their feet until Sami goes for the eyes again. Some running forearms set up the tiger driver for two more on Sami and Eddie is stunned. The Boston Knee Party is loaded up so Sami grabs his phone and…makes Ken Shamrock appear. The distraction, and a handful of tights, is enough to finish Eddie at 8:35.

Result: Sami Callihan b. Eddie Edwards – Rollup with tights (8:35)

Post match Shamrock locks Eddie’s ankle again.

We recap the X-Division Title match, which is Rohit Raju running from everyone but getting caught against them all at once.

Willie Mack/Trey Miguel/TJP vs. Rohit Raju/Chris Bey/Jordynne Grace

Raju starts with Mack but taunts TJP into a chase, allowing Bey to take TJP down. Mack comes in for the spinning slam into a legdrop for two on Bey but Raju breaks up TJP’s headscissors out of the corner. Grace comes in to hammer away on TJP for two before reluctantly tagging Raju in.

TJP avoids Grace’s Vader Bomb though and it’s the hot tag bringing in Miguel as everything breaks down. We get the parade of knockdowns so Raju knees Miguel down for two, with TJP stealing the cover. Bey hits a springboard cutter so Raju steals his own near fall, meaning the argument is on. Raju takes Bey down so Bey is back with the springboard cutter to Raju, giving Miguel the pin at 5:25.

Result: Willie Mack/Trey Miguel/TJP b. Rohit Raju/Chris Bey/Jordynne Grace – Springboard cutter to Raju (5:25)

Video on Eric Young vs. Rich Swann, with Eric destroying Swann’s knee over and over but not being able to keep him out of the title match.

We get a sitdown interview with Young, who blames Swann and Scott D’Amore for what has happened to them. He hasn’t caused any of this because he said what he would do. Everyone should know what happens if you get in his way and now he has a purpose to stop Swann. Cue Swann for the fight with the camera being knocked down.

Bound For Glory rundown.

Good Brothers vs. The North

Anderson and Page start things off with Page being sent outside. Everything breaks down in a hurry and we take a break in a hurry. Back with Gallows hammering away on Alexander in the corner before Anderson comes in to slug away as well. Now it’s some stomping in the corner for a change of pace as we hear about how awesome the North was when they held the titles.

Alexander gets in a shot to the face and it’s time to put Anderson in the corner for a change. A full nelson backbreaker from Alexander sets up a backbreaker from Page for two and the chinlock is on again. It’s back to Alexander for another chinlock but he charges into a big boot in the corner. The hot tag brings in Gallows to clean house but Alexander breaks up the Magic Killer. The slugout it on and it’s a no contest at 11:12.

Result: The North vs. Good Brothers went to a no contest when all four brawled (11:12)

Post match the Machine Guns and Ace Austin/Madman Fulton run in for the big brawl. The Guns and the Brothers clear the ring and get in the fight with the Brothers easily taking them down and standing tall to end the show.


Hernandez b. Heath, Rhino, Cousin Jake and Alisha – Rollup to Rhino
Rosemary b. Havok – Spear
Sami Callihan b. Eddie Edwards – Rollup
Trey Miguel/TJP/Willie Mack b. Rohit Raju/Jordynne Grace/Chris Bey – Springboard cutter to Raju
Good Brothers vs. The North went to a no contest when all four brawled

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