Date: October 22, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

Things are hot coming after last week’s show with the red hot tag match. All roads are leading to the Ilja Dragunov vs. Walter showdown and I really want to see the match. Hopefully we should be in for something awesome, but there are some other things to get through first. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Eddie Dennis vs. Oliver Carter

They go to the mat to start but Dennis is up with a wristlock. Dennis’ headlock is countered into a headscissors on the mat before Dennis is back up to pull on the arm. Back up and Carter snaps off an anklescissors. Back up and Dennis strikes him in the face before low bridging him to the floor.

They get back inside for a hard whip into the corner for a cravate on Carter, which is broken up with some shots to the face. A facebuster sends Dennis to the floor and there’s a suicide dive. Back in and Carter hits a superkick into a Rock Bottom into a Lionsault, which is more of a knee to the face instead of a splash. Dennis catches him on top though and it’s the Severn Bridge for the pin 5:28.

Result: Eddie Dennis b. Oliver Carter – Severn Bridge (5:28)

Post match Dennis says it’s a shame that Flash Morgan Webster was taken out. Next week, he’s going to moderate an interview between Webster and Mark Andrews. Class adjourned.

Video on Joe Coffey and Gallus.

Amele vs. Nina Samuels

Fallout from Samuels turning on her in a tag match two weeks ago. The brawl is on in a hurry with Amele charging into a boot in the corner but coming back with a running clothesline for two. A Figure Four neck lock goes on but Samuels gets up and hammers away for a bit. Amele is sent into the corner and a bodyscissors goes on.

Samuels grabs a hammerlock with her leg and then cranks back on the other arm for a bonus. That’s finally broken up with a backdrop but Amele misses a charge in the corner. Samuels ties her in the rope for a running dropkick to the back but Amele grabs a northern lights suplex for two of her own. Back up and Samuels hits a quick Final Act for the pin at 5:39.

Result: Nina Samuels b. Amele – Final Act (5:39)

Post break, Nina Samuels says she wants Piper Niven next.

Heritage Cup Tournament First Round: Trent Seven vs. Kenny Williams

Round one begins with Seven taking him into the ropes to start and then moves it to the mat for a hammerlock. Williams turns it into a test of strength on the mat but Seven reverses into one of his own. A monkey flip gets Williams back to his feet but it’s a slam into a legdrop to give Seven two. They start running the ropes as the round comes to a close.

Williams rolls around to start the second round and Seven ties Williams’ arms around his own neck. That’s broken up with an elbow to the face and a springboard elbow to the face takes Seven down again. There’s a running hurricanrana into a dropkick for two and it’s off to a headlock on the mat. Seven kicks out of a sunset flip and the round comes to an end.

We start round three and Seven is looking a bit winded. Williams takes him down by the leg and slaps on a headscissors to keep Seven on the mat. That’s broken up as well and they chop it out until Seven grabs a DDT for two. Back up and Williams springboards over Seven but walks into the Seven Stars Lariat for the first fall at 2:57 of round three (9:42 total).

Williams is shaken up to start round four so Seven tries another Seven Stars Lariat but Williams grabs the rope. A backslide gives Williams two but he bounces off the rope and grabs a sunset flip to pin Seven and tie it up at 38 seconds of round four (10:41 total). Round five starts with Williams grabbing a victory roll for two and hitting a hard rebound lariat for the same.

Williams grabs a quick tornado DDT for another near fall but Seven is right back with the dragon suplex. Seven goes up but Williams catches him with some shots to the face. A springboard hurricanrana brings Seven down, only to have him roll through and stack Williams up for the winning pin at 2:22 of round five (13:24 total).

Result: Trent Seven b. Kenny Williams Two Falls To One (13:24)

Here are the updated brackets:

Noam Dar

Dave Mastiff
Trent Seven

Here are Ilja Dragunov and Walter for their contract signing. Walter wastes no time in signing and has no comment. Dragunov signs as well and stands up so the fight is on with Walter chopping away but not being able to powerbomb him through the table. Dragunov knocks him to the floor and tries a dive, only to get chopped out of the air. A big clothesline rocks Dragunov but he charges to drive Walter through the barricade. Dragunov throws the belt at Walter and the champ is held back to end the show.


Eddie Dennis b. Oliver Carter – Severn Bridge
Nina Samuels b. Amele – Final Act
Trent Seven b. Kenny Williams 2 falls to 1

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