You never know who might make the jump. The wrestling wars are starting to heat up again as there are suddenly several companies fighting over talent. This allows more wrestlers to make more money and have more options and that’s never a bad thing. It also opens the doors for some surprising moves with names going places you never would have expected. That’s what has happened today.

According to PWInsider, both Abyss and Sonjay Dutt have finished up with Impact Wrestling and will be moving over to WWE to work in some capacity. Abyss has recently been working as an agent while Dutt has been on the creative team. There is no word on if they will be wrestling or working backstage. Abyss worked on Impact Wrestling’s first show back in 2002 while Dutt has been working for the company since 2003, though he has recently been out of action with a knee injury. Both left Impact Wrestling on good terms.

This is Abyss’ bread and butter. Check out one of his more recent violent exploits:

James Mitchell Summons Abyss For MONSTER'S BALL! | IMPACT! Highlights Mar. 15 2018

Opinion: I’m really not sure I get this, though there are worse ideas to put out there. Abyss has done everything there is to do in Impact Wrestling and is in their Hall of Fame, but he’s also 45 years old and nowhere near as good as he used to be due to a variety of injuries. Dutt is still able to move in the ring, though he hasn’t wrestled in over a year and is 36. I don’t quite get these moves, though they certainly have talent to offer backstage as well as in front of the camera.

Are you surprised by these moves? Who will be more successful in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.


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