• VIDEO: WWE Announces Injury To SmackDown Star

    Hopefully it isn’t too bad. Just like in other sports, there are all kinds of injuries in wrestling. You never know when you are going to see someone go onto...

    NewsSeptember 4, 2021
  • Injury Takes Place During NXT Taping (Contains *SPOILER*)

    NewsAugust 26, 2021
  • WATCH: Nasty Injury Takes Place During This Week’s NXT

    Hopefully it isn’t too bad. Injuries can happen at any time in a sport as physical as wrestling. There is no way to be completely safe during a match as...

    NewsAugust 18, 2021
  • Details On Natalya’s Injury, Including Surgery

    That’s a relief. Injuries can be devastating to both wrestlers and wrestling companies. They can derail plans, but far more importantly they can derail careers. A wrestler might never be...

    NewsJuly 31, 2021
  • Nasty Injury Takes Place On AEW Dynamite, What We Know

    Hopefully it isn’t too bad. One of the worst things you can see in a wrestling match is an injury. These things can take place at any time and they...

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  • Update On Natalya’s Injury Status After Monday Night Raw

    Hopefully it isn’t too bad. An injury is one of the worst things to see in wrestling as it can take anyone down in the blink of an eye. What...

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  • Scary Injury Takes Place During This Week’s NXT

    NewsJuly 21, 2021
  • That Isn’t Good: Walter Injured, Title Match Postponed

    Please don’t be bad. Every now and then, you see a wrestler who is just above several others. That might be due to a variety of reasons, but there is...

    NewsJuly 15, 2021
  • More On Bayley’s Injury, Including What Happened

    The more you know. Wrestling is a dangerous sport as you are going to see people get hurt on a regular basis. There is almost no way around it and...

    NewsJuly 10, 2021
  • BREAKING: Top SmackDown Star Injured, Out Nine Months

    That’s horrible. Wrestlers have to deal with all kinds of problems which could mess with their careers but one of the truly universal issues is an injury. No matter how...

    NewsJuly 9, 2021