You can feel it. Last month, Paul Heyman was announced as the new Executive Director of Monday Night Raw. This news had fans more interested in the show than they had been in quite a long time as Heyman’s history of running promotions has been well documented over the years. This week saw the first show after the announcement and while Heyman was not in full control, some of his ideas did come through.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Heyman was not in charge of Monday Night Raw this week but several of his ideas were used on the show. These ideas includes the opening segment with Braun Strowman tackling Bobby Lashley through part of the set and the ensuing explosion, Corey Graves swearing on commentary, as well as the segment between Mike and Maria Kanellis where Maria humiliated Mike. Heyman is said to be taking full control of the show later this month.

It was a bad night for Mike. Check out what Heyman put him through:

Opinion: My goodness what is it going to be like when Heyman does run everything? This week’s Monday Night Raw was not the best show in the world but it was certainly more interesting than what they have been presenting as of late. I’m not sure how well this new system is going to work, but it almost certainly has to be better than what we have been sitting through in recent weeks.

Did you like this week’s show? How much better can Heyman make things? Let us know in the comments below.

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