Yowie wowie. Last week on WWE programming, various characters from Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse made hidden appearances backstage as characters were walking to the ring. On Raw, they were seen behind The Miz, and on Smackdown Live, behind Daniel Bryan.

But were they there again this week?

It turns out that they were. On Raw, Mercy the Buzzard was seen behind The Miz, and on Smackdown Live, Abby the Witch was seen behind Apollo Crews. You can see pictures of this below:

(Photo Courtesy of WWE)


(Photo Courtesy of @Phill_Martinez)


What happened the last time The Firefly Funhouse had an official promo? Check it out:

Editor’s Opinion:

I have a feeling that the characters are going to be focusing on The Miz on Raw and random other superstars on Smackdown Live. Eventually, we will see a feud between Bray Wyatt and the A-Lister; perhaps after Extreme Rules? Either way, I can’t wait for Wyatt to be back on television; it’s going to be outstanding.

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