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Date: July 28, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz

We’re back to the long form show as this week is going to have more content than an episode of Dynamite. This time around the show is featuring 12 matches over the course of an hour and fifty minutes for reasons I don’t think I want to understand. Hopefully we at least get some good action. Let’s get to it.

Quick announcer preview.

Initiative vs. FTR

That would be the official name for Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler. The Young Bucks are watching at ringside and Tully Blanchard is in the bleachers. Harwood headlocks Avalon down to start and it’s off to Cutler in a hurry. Wheeler’s distraction lets Harwood get in a shot from behind, because FTR needs to cheat against these goofs.

Avalon comes back in for a double flapjack for one on Wheeler, who sticks out his leg for a tag. That doesn’t count as Harwood was too far down the apron though, in a rule you don’t see used all that often. Wheeler grabs a headlock but gets belly to belly suplexed….right into his own corner so it’s Harwood coming back in. Avalon’s right hands actually stagger Harwood so it’s back to Wheeler, who misses a charge in the corner. Avalon hits a split legged moonsault for two but Harwood BLASTS him with a clothesline. Cutler is knocked outside and it’s the Mind Breaker to finish Avalon at 7:16.

Result: FTR b. Initiative – Mind Breaker to Avalon (7:16)

Post match Revival shakes hands with the Bucks.

Michael Nakazawa/Pineapple Pete vs. Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

Kiss loads up a headscissors on Nakazawa to start but Nakazawa pulls out the baby oil (here we freaking go). Janela takes it away though and sprays it on the back of Kiss’ trunks, which Nakazawa’s face is pulled into. Taz: “….what the heck was that?” Exactly what you should have expected? Pete sprays more oil in the middle of the ring so Kiss’ handspring elbow doesn’t work. It’s off to Pete who gets a running start and slides off of Nakazawa’s oiled back to crash into Kiss in the corner but a jumping hug doesn’t work due to slippage.

Janela comes in with a double dropkick and it’s Kiss coming back in to trade some missed charges with Pete. Pete’s knee to the face gets two on Kiss but he escapes a double suplex and makes the hot tag to Janela. A German suplex into the corner rocks Nakazawa and there’s a Death Valley Driver. Nakazawa is sent outside for a suicide elbow from Janela, followed by a top rope splash for two on Pete. Back in and Nakazawa underwear claws Pete by mistake and it’s a shot to the face from Janela. Kiss adds the top rope splits splash for the pin on Pete at 5:19.

Result: Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela b. Michael Nakazawa/Pineapple Pete – Splits splash to Pete (5:19)

Skyler Moore vs. Abadon

Abadon does her crawl to the ring and takes Moore down to hammer away. A lot of yelling scares Moore but she slugs away anyway and grabs a DDT. Back up and Abadon pops her neck and chases Moore outside. A whip into the barricade has Abadon in trouble and a World’s Strongest Slam gets two. Abadon is right back with the Widow’s Peak for the pin at 3:17.

Result: Abadon b. Skyler Moore – Widow’s Peak (3:17)

Shawn Spears talks about the importance of the black glove. He is ready for people trying to take his throne, which is why the glove is self defense.

Dark Order vs. Shawn Dean/Will Hobbs

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson for the Order with the rest of the team on the stage. Grayson takes Dean into the corner to start and it’s off to Uno for a shot to the face. Grayson’s kick to the chest keeps Dean in trouble but he enziguris Uno down. Not that it matters though as Grayson comes back in for a Rock Bottom. A side slam/springboard elbow plants Dean again until he grabs a swinging neckbreaker.

Hobbs has been dropkicked off the apron though, meaning Dean has to hit a running flip dive onto Uno instead. Back in and the hot tag brings in Hobbs to clean house, including an Oklahoma Stampede for two on Uno. Everything breaks down and it’s the Knightfall to Hobbs, setting up the Fatality to finish Dean at 5:44.

Result: Dark Order b. Shawn Dean/Will Hobbs – Fatality to Dean (5:44)

Scorpio Sky vs. Corey Hollis

Feeling out process to start as they fight over a hammerlock into a standoff. Sky gets in an atomic drop into a Russian legsweep for two before hitting a good dropkick. Hollis heads outside and sweeps the leg before hitting a shot to the face. A middle rope spinning kick to the head gives Hollis two more but Sky blocks a Stunner. Some small packages get two each until Sky kicks him in the face. The Stundog Millionaire gets Hollis out of trouble but his top rope splash hits raised knees. The TKO finishes Hollis at 5:21.

Result: Scorpio Sky b. Corey Hollis – TKO (5:21)

Penelope Ford vs. Kenzie Page

Kip Sabian is here too. Ford sends her into the corner for a running clothesline to start but Page hits a clothesline of her own. A charge is sent into the middle buckle though and Ford glares down at Paige for daring to try something. We hit the fish hook camel clutch and commentary goes into a Fresh Prince routine since Ford is from Philadelphia. Ford hits a Stunner but charges into a superkick. That just earns Paige a Lethal Injection into a fisherman’s suplex for the pin at 4:47.

Result: Penelope Ford b. Kenzie Page – Fisherman’s suplex (4:47)

Wardlow vs. Aaron Solow

Solo’s strikes have no effect and Wardlow knocks him hard into the corner. Some hard shots in the corner set up a swinging release Rock Bottom and Wardlow hits a heck of a clothesline. Wardlow knees him out of the corner and the referee stops it at 2:54.

Result: Wardlow b. Aaron Solow via referee stoppage (2:54)

Post match Wardlow stays on him and hits the F10.

Dark Order vs. Best Friends

It’s Alex Reynolds and John Silver for the team here and they jump the Friends from being to start. They head outside with the Friends being sent into the barricade but shrugging it off to take over without much trouble. Back in and we get the big hug but Strong Zero is broken up. A Stunner into a German suplex gets two on Trent and the Order takes turns raking their boots over his face.

Silver hits a running double leg takedown for two and Reynolds hits a cutter for the same. Trent shrugs off some YES Kicks and hits a few forearms, only to have Reynolds take Chuck down to break up a hot tag attempt. A double torture rack faceplant gets two on Trent but he’s back with a belly to back suplex to Reynolds. The hot tag brings in Chuck and Silver is thrown into Reynolds in the corner. Chuck’s Falcon Arrow gets two on Silver as everything breaks down. The Awful Waffle finishes Silver at 9:09.

Result: Best Friends b. Dark Order – Awful Waffle to Silver (9:09)

Post match the Dark Order chases the Friends off.

Lance Archer vs. Frankie Thomas

Archer has Jake Roberts with him and carries a production worker to the ring. Thomas gets in his face and is Pounced down to start. Hold on as Archer needs to point down at Lee Johnson before heading outside, where he pulls Thomas’ slingshot dive out of the air. Back in and Archer sends him hard into the corner but the Blackout is escaped. A chokeslam sets up the EBD Claw for the pin at 3:22.

Result: Lance Archer b. Frankie Thomas – EBD Claw (3:22)

Orange Cassidy vs. Serpentico

Cassidy takes his time getting ready and then avoids a charge in the corner. The hands go into the pockets and it’s a dropkick into the nipup. The threat of a Superman punch sends Serpentico bailing to the floor so he pulls Cassidy down by the leg. A slingshot double stomp sets up a short DDT for two. Cassidy sends him outside again and hits the suicide dive but gets caught up top. Serpentico hits a superplex and rolls through, only to get cradled to give Cassidy the pin at 3:17.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Serpentico – Cradle (3:17)

Post match Serpentico charges at Cassidy, who hits the Superman punch.

Sammy Guevara vs. Fuego del Sol

Low Rider is here with Sol. Sammy takes him down with ease to start and the cockiness is flowing early. A front facelock goes on but Sol uses a springboard to reverse it into a rollup for two. Something close to a 619 in the corner connects but Sammy knees a springboard out of the air for two of his own. Sammy’s delayed vertical suplex gets two more and it’s time for a fireman’s carry with squats. Sol is sent outside so Sammy can strike a pose back inside. Back in and Sol hits a faceplant but misses a corkscrew Swanton. Another knee to the face sets up GTH to finish Sol at 5:13.

Result: Sammy Guevara b. Fuego del Sol (5:13)

Post match it’s a GTH for Rider as well.

Private Party is ready for the main event and Big Money Matt Hardy comes in to say he likes the two of them. The more over they are, the more over he stays. Now go win by any means necessary. Kassidy: “Wow Big Money Matt. Kind of a d***.”

Private Party vs. Santana and Ortiz vs. SCU

Matt Hardy is here with Private Party. Kazarian and Kassidy start things off and they go to the mat for a bit of a surprise. Ortiz tags himself in and throws Kassidy outside, allowing Kazarian to get in a kick to the face. A neckbreaker drops Kazarian though and Santana comes in with a moonsault off of Ortiz’s back. It’s off to Daniels to double team Santana for two and he falls into the corner for the tag to Quen.

The camel clutch/jumping double stomp hits Daniels but Matt isn’t happy with Private Party posing instead of following up. Santana and Ortiz come in to continue the beating on Daniels and things slow down with the choking in the corner. A sitout powerbomb into a kick to the face gets two with Kassidy making the save. Daniels and Ortiz hit a double clothesline for the double knockdown and the rolling tag brings in Quen.

That means the running flip dive onto Santana and Ortiz, setting up Kassidy’s Lionsault for two on Ortiz. It’s back to Quen for his half of a top rope splash/top rope legdrop and everything breaks down. Ortiz hits a flipping Stunner on Daniels but gets caught by Kazarian’s slingshot DDT. Kassidy dives onto Daniels and Ortiz low blows Quen for the pin at 10:49.

Result: Santana and Ortiz b. SCU and Private Party – Low blow to Quen (10:49)

The Dynamite preview takes us out.


FTR b. Initiative – Mind Breaker to Avalon
Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela b. Michael Nakazawa/Pineapple Pete – Splits splash to Pete
Abadon b. Skyler Moose – Widow’s Peak
Dark Order b. Shawn Dean/Will Hobbs – Fatality to Dean
Scorpio Sky b. Corey Hollis – TKO
Penelope Ford b. Kenzie Paige – Fisherman’s suplex
Wardlow b. Aaron Solow via referee stoppage
Best Friends b. Dark Order – Awful Waffle to Silver
Lance Archer b. Frankie Thomas – EBD Claw
Orange Cassidy b. Serpentico – Cradle
Sammy Guevara b. Fuego del Sol – GTH
Santana and Ortiz b. Private Party and SCU – Low blow to Quen

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