Following the WrestleMania 36 press conference yesterday, former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had the chance to speak with TalkSPORT about The Usos and Dean Ambrose potentially leaving WWE.

As we know, Reigns recently returned to the squared circle after his battle with leukemia. His in-ring return will officially take place this Sunday as he teams with Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose in a reformation of The Shield against Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, and Baron Corbin.

To begin with, Reigns noted that he actually found out about Ambrose leaving through an article online. Despite being friends with the Superstar, he was not informed that Ambrose was to leave the company.

On the matter, Reigns had the following comments:

“He’s kind of always been preparing to get to a point where he doesn’t have to rely on anybody and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a crazy rollercoaster ride and such a great job over the past few years and we’ve been fortunate enough to secure ourselves. So, I’m not surprised because I know if he wants a break or needs a break he’s going to take it and do it his way.”

“But, it was a big shock and we still haven’t really gotten into it or really talked much about it because since I got back it’s been pretty much foot down to the floor, hitting the gas pedal pretty hard. But it’s something we’re going to have to get into a little more, it concerns me a bit. I never want one of my close friends to leave but if he does leave this company, we’re still going to be close and talk all the time.”

Reigns was also asked if he puts pressure on himself in helping The Usos and Ambrose.

“I think I put a little bit more pressure on myself to be more than just a friend and a peer. The Usos… obviously they are my family. But Dean is the same way. A lot of these guys are. That’s what people don’t realize, it’s not just these names that you know, but I’m so close to so many of these guys.”

“When it comes down to it this is business and these men are businessmen and they’re going to have to take care of themselves and get the numbers and the years on the contracts that they want.”

“But yeah, for me, I can only give them the advice that I would want and that is to be happy and that’s what I’ll tell them. Whatever that entails, do what you have to do to make you and your family happy. For me and my family, that’s having the same people around me that I’ve had and that’s the hard part is seeing people go. But, the cool part is, when people go, some people are introduced. As some old faces leave, we have new faces and new relationships and new bonds and new chemistry.”

As a side note, Reigns also noted that WWE having an off-season would help performers greatly. In fact, he thinks it could last an entire quarter.

Editor’s Note:

I would love Ambrose to stay, but I understand his desire to leave. Sucks Reigns found out the way he did. Whatever happens- I just hope the competitors are happy.

If you’d like some further reading material, you can hear about a WWE Hall of Famer donating their brain for CTE research by tapping here.

Do you think Ambrose will end up staying? What about The Usos?

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