Brandi Rhodes was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc owner Raj Giri where she explained how she and Cody [Rhodes] started dating and WAGS Atlanta.

Rhodes first comments on the possibility of WAGS Atlanta viewers seeing Cody on the show with her.

“Yes, I’m going to say, but again, he and I, and everyone on that show, our schedules were killer. I had people texting me all the time from other cast members saying; where are you? We haven’t seen you in a while. Same with Cody; this summer he was just so busy. He was at the peak of busyness. He was in Japan, he’s here, and there, so we caught him for how much that we could. A lot of the story of us is grounded in each other because we spent so much time together, so you will definitely see Cody, which I hope you will see a lot of him, but we will just have to see what they come up with.”

In response to being asked how she and Cody started dating, Rhodes explained it was random and she had been there a while.

“We started dating randomly. I had been there for a minute, and Cody hadn’t really shown much interest in me at all, so it wasn’t something that I had thought about, and then all of a sudden, he became extremely fascinated with me, where he would go out of his way to make a strange joke that I wasn’t sure if I would get or not, and he would just surround himself around me all the time, and then finally, some of the girls would say that they are sure he is into me and that he likes me, just being coy about it. Finally he started asking me to come hang out with him and I said no many times because it’s a work environment and I was new at the time and was not looking to rock the boat by getting into this romance, but all along I definitely did want to go out with him. I was very into him, but it took a while. It probably took around a month for me to go out with him, and after that the rest is as they say history because I feel that we ended up spending everyday together after that; everyday that we could. It just naturally happened, and it was one of those things where we were on the road all the time. People say it all the time, you are with these people more than you are with your family so a lot of times they do become your family.”

Rhodes continued to go in depth on her relationship with the former ROH World Champion. She explains she is not and will not be a typical housewife.

“It was definitely difficult to be on the road a lot and being in a relationship with him. To me, it was a big change because we moved to Atlanta, which I had never lived there before, and didn’t have many friends. Some of my career goals and what I was trying to do, he didn’t really understand that. It is funny that you grow up fundamentally different, but it’s funny with the tie in to WAGS Atlanta because the women on this show, they are the epitome of what is considered to be a ‘WAG,’ which is a wife, or major supporting figure, so a lot of these girls don’t have jobs,” she explained. “Some of them have children and some of them don’t. A lot of their sole purpose is to make their man comfortable, which I believe is a very southern thing, because it’s something that I can’t do it. It is not in me and I don’t understand it. It is a lot to learn, and unique, but it is commonplace here in Atlanta where the man takes care of things and the woman becomes a homemaker, and later on in the relationship, a mother, which isn’t the things that I ever considered. I think Cody thought that I would want that for my life since he grew up in that, but that is just not me. I like to make my own money, and I like to go my own way, and get excited about various opportunities and ventures, so it wasn’t something that I could have done for very long.”

If you would like to see Brandi Rhodes compete in the ring, we have provided a match from ROH’s Women of Honor between Kelly Klein and the former WWE ring announcer.

Women of Honor: Kelly Klein vs Brandi Rhodes

What do you want to see the Rhodes family do besides wrestling? Are you going to watch WAGS Atlanta?

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