Not even the “big dog” is safe from its owners and handlers at times.

WWE has “fined” Roman Reigns $5,000 for shoving referee John Cone on “Raw” last night, during his Intercontinental Championship defense against Samoa Joe. From

The incident occurred after Reigns backed Joe into the corner of the ring and continued to attack him past the official’s count. When Cone attempted to intercede, Reigns shoved him aside to continue his attack. The champion was subsequently disqualified, though he kept his title as a result of champion’s advantage.

You can see a clip of the altercation below:

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe - Intercontinental Championship Match: Raw, Dec. 25, 2017

After the match, Reigns would continue his assault on Joe, and send him to the back to conclude the segment.

The “big dog” was seeking revenge on Joe after the “samoan submission machine” assaulted fellow Shield member Dean Ambrose on last week’s show, putting him out of action for up to 9 months.

Editor’s Opinion:

I love this aggressive, no-nonsense attitude, as it is the character that he plays the best. Also, this means that the feud between the two will continue, and I am completely OK with that.

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