WWE Hall of Famer has never been one to shy away from giving his opinion, and did so once more on Tuesday following “Monday Night Raw” in Chicago. Chicago is the home of former WWE Superstar CM Punk, and Foley gave his thoughts on whether he thinks the former champion will ever return to the ring.


Is there a future for CM Punk in #WWE? I have always liked Punk (seen here with me backstage at a 1995 UK event) and respected the way he marched to the beat of his own drummer. While there is part of me that thinks we have seen the last of Punk in the world of sports -entertainment, I can’t help but wonder if that beat he marches to will lead him straight to a huge event at#Wrestlemania.

Certainly, his promos alone would make WWE Monday Night Raw must-see TV, and the mere prospect of seeing an angry Punk, with a chip on his shoulder, could create any number of scenarios for memorable Mania match ups.

Only Punk knows for sure…and he’s not talking.

What do you see in the future for #CMPunk? Is he gone forever? Or will he return in memorable fashion?”

Foley and Punk had teased a brief program in 2012, though nothing ultimately came of it. It was reported WWE had been concerned about crowd reaction towards Punk heading into RAW, and may have even confiscated signs regarding his name.
Editor’s Note
I would like to say “never say never,” but I do think Punk’s days in the ring are over. We’ll see, obviously.


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