• The Pipebomb w/ McCool & Company Ep.3-Money in the Bank Preview

    This week on the Pipebomb with McCool and Company:and the guys are fired up about the current time and lack of substance that WWE is giving the Women’s division. One...

    PodcastJune 18, 2016
  • The Pipebomb w/ McCool & Company Ep.2 featuring Justin Labar!

    PodcastJune 15, 2016
  • The NAI Network Presents: “The PipeBomb with McCool & Company”

    Announcing a brand new podcast: “The Pipebomb with McCool and Company” on the NAI Network. Matt McCool hosts (as he does on WR Pod) and is joined by Wrestling Warm-Ups...

    PodcastJune 8, 2016
  • WRESTLING WARM-UP: July 18th, 2016

    WRESTLING WARM-UP: June 6th 2016

    “WRESTLING WARM-UP” is the online wrestling pre-show dedicated to previewing “Monday Night Raw” each week! Matt McCool and Adam Daley review the week’s news in professional wrestling, and preview this...

    FeaturesJune 6, 2016
  • WR Pod The Brand Split & Separate But Equal

    With Smackdown going live, WR Pod dives into the WWE Brand Split from all angles, including title placement, brand qualities, draft scenarios, where Shane/Stephanie fit in and how it all...

    PodcastMay 26, 2016
  • WR Pod: Extreme Rules Preview

    With Extreme Rules looming this Sunday, we answer all of your questions heading into the show, go over all the potential scenarios and give our predictions for the show. Topics...

    PodcastMay 20, 2016
  • WR Pod: Look How Far We’ve Come

    PodcastMay 15, 2016
  • WR Pod: Family Business

    There’s a new era of drama in the WWE..and it’s all in the family! Between Stephaine and Shane McMahon sharing control of RAW, to Charlotte relying on her Dad, to...

    PodcastMay 8, 2016
  • WR Pod: WWE Payback Preview And The New Era

    With so much looming at WWE Payback Sunday, are we in a new era in WWE? Matt McCool is joined by Adam and Sam Daley to fully break down WWE...

    PodcastApril 29, 2016
  • WR Pod: The Bullet Club & The Road Ahead

    With so may potential scenarios for the Bullet a swerve on the horizon? Plus, The Bullet Club vs. The Shield, the Women’s Revolution in WWE, Payback thoughts, the main...

    PodcastApril 22, 2016