NXT Superstar Sami Zayn has made quite the splash of late, including in virtual form. It was announced recently he would be part of the new “WWE 2K15” video game, and Brian Fitz of SportsNews.com got a chance to speak with him about such and more. Below are some of the highlights.

Zayn first discussed his thoughts on being in the game:

“It’s awesome. Wow. What can you say? It’s a dream come true. I played these video games growing up as a kid. To be honest, I haven’t actively played a video game since No Mercy, like I was really into WrestleMania 2000, which is on the Nintendo 64. I don’t think I’ve really played anything since No Mercy, which I think is since 2001.”

He then talked about how he found out and what the experience was like putting it together:

“I don’t even remember hearing it initially. I think I was just at Full Sail one time, doing NXT at Full Sail, 2K was just there, kind of just put me in a room, and it was sort of you might be in the game, you might not, I wasn’t really sure exactly, but the next thing we knew, we flew to California, Neville and I, to do the motion capture because there were certain moves that we do that they wanted us to do. So we put on the whole body suit with the velcro gimmicks all over you, and it was pretty cool, it was pretty surreal, honestly.”

He also commented on his “Raw” debut and being on the road again:

“Sort of debut, interesting, I guess. Which is really cool. Trust me, I’m not complaining it was cool. Being on the road is natural. I’m more used to that than being here. This was the adjustment, coming to the Performance Center, not being on the road was the adjustment for me because I come from a wrestling background obviously where I was used to being quite busy. So just being in one please and training quite regularly, that was the adjustment honestly.”

The rest of the interview can be viewed below.

Editor’s Note

No Mercy for the win. Sounds like Zayn is a student of the game. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.


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