WWE Superstar and unofficial comedian Big E recently spoke with A-Sides to discuss some of his hobbies outside of wrestling. Below are some of the highlights.

On who he listens to, music wise:

“I believe it or not am a big Flatbush Zombies fan, I was a big fan of the Beast Coast Movement, a lot of the rap coming out of New York still, Action Bronson. It’s funny, a lot of the guys I end up listening to happen to be big wrestling fans as well. It’s cool getting the opportunity to connect with guys, I met all the guys from Flatbush Zombies when we were in New York, I just really enjoy what they’re doing right now.”

He says binge-watching is a major part of passing time on the road between shows.

“You almost have to binge-watch. Like thank God for DVR. But I’m a big fan…I recently, like last year or so, for the first time in my life, got HBO and Showtime, so I got into shows like Homeland. I started watching more IFC, which is really cool. I really got into Portlandia, which is kind of the weird sense of humor that I’m into as well. So binge-watching is definitely the route to go.”

Big E also expressed displeasure over the discontinuing of the iPod Classic:

“I need my iPod. I just found out recently they’re discontinuing the iPod Classic. I still have the 160 gig, it goes everywhere with me. I’ve had it since ’06. Everyone makes fun of me for it, but it’s amazing. Just a huge library of music, and it’s fantastic.”

He then revealed it’s the “Smart Athletic Friends” who make fun of him:

“Kofi and Woods, the guys that are in our group, they make fun of me because they’ve got their fancy iPhones, but the iPod Classic man, 160 gigs! You can’t beat that!”

The entire interview can be seen below.

Editor’s Note

Big E is the man. There is literally no getting around this.


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