WWE immediately transitioned the momentum of a pretty good WrestleMania into a whole lot of anticipation for their Superstar Shakeup, which will be rocking the worlds of both brands this week.

Ahead of Raw, WWE went and announced the first new star set for action on Monday nights. That is none other that the all-American nice boy, Apollo Crews, whole be moving from SmackDown to the red brand.

Apollo debuted the night after WrestleMania 32, and hasn’t done a whole lot since. He’s got a whole lot of athleticism, but it never felt like he met his full potential in NXT, much less on the main roster. Most recently on SmackDown, he’s been getting beat up by Dolph Ziggler, and the crowd’s buying neither Ziggler’s heel turn nor Crews as a babyface.

It’ll take more than a fresh opponent to get Crews back on track, but it’s a start. We’ll see who else will be making the move soon.

Apollo Crews arrives on Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-up: Exclusive, April 10, 2017

We’ll be keeping up with all tonight’s announcements as they happen, so stick with us for the details as some of SmackDown’s brightest make the transition to Monday nights.


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