Ever since Vince McMahon showed up on the first RAW after WrestleMania, waited out some anti-Roman Reigns chants, and announced “Superstar Swap,” said swap has been a topic of fervent discussion. After all, this is the first time such an event has happened since RAW and Smackdown split into two brands once again. Sure, Jack Swagger moved from one show to another, but nobody cares about Swagger so who cares? He ended up getting released after, like, one match on Smackdown. However, that fact also serves as a jumping off point for this question: Will Superstar Swap actually change anything?

Mr. McMahon names Raw's new General Manager: Raw, April 3, 2017

In the end, Superstar Swap could just be a rearranging of deck chairs. Not deck chairs on the Titanic, necessarily, because I don’t think WWE is a sinking ship. My point is that Superstar Swap may be an interesting event that doesn’t really end up having too much impact. We like to imagine a seismic shift in the landscape of WWE. We like to think that our favorite underused wrestler will get traded, and then blossom on their new show. However, it’s just as likely that your favorite underused wrestler will get traded…and then continue to be underused, but on Monday night instead of Tuesday night (or vice versa). After, be it RAW or Smackdown, we’re still talking about the same overarching company.

I’m not saying you should give up hope. Maybe Superstar Swap will actually, truly shake things up. If nothing else, it should make for interesting television. Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t amount to more than that.

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