It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen CM Punk or his wife AJ Lee in a WWE ring, and it’s probably safe to assume that neither of them will be returning to the company in the near-future. During their time away, both of them have found other things that they’re passionate about outside of wrestling, but, no matter what they do, they’ll always be connected with the pro wrestling business, specifically WWE.

While promoting her new book called Crazy is my Superpower, AJ Lee appeared on Sirius XM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, where she was asked if her or her husband occasionally miss being a pro wrestler.

“Him and I have differing views on that for sure. My heart is always gonna have this giant place for wrestling, so I’ll always miss that moment right in the ring where you feel the energy from the crowd, and there’s nothing that can replace that. But I think that you should appreciate the different kinds of happy there are. So I have positive memories of that and I miss the fans, so doing these autograph signings and seeing these people that I’ve seen for the past 7 years is the coolest thing in the world to me, so it’s nice to kinda see them again. But [CM Punk] is very okay without the crowds.”

You can check out the full, 30-minute interview below.

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