The Hardy Boyz are back in the WWE. You probably know this, because the WWE has made a big deal out of it. You can forgive them for that, considering how excited people were when Jeff and Matt made their surprise return at WrestleMania 33. So let’s enjoy a blast from the past, with a Hardys match from almost 20 years ago.

FULL-LENGTH MATCH - Raw - APA vs. The Hardy Boyz - World Tag Team Title Match

The match in question comes from July 5, 1999. In said match, the Hardy Boyz were getting their first shot at the World Tag Team Championship. Who were the champs at the time? Why, none other than the APA, Bradshaw and Farooq. Yes, this whole video is a real trip down memory lane. Although, by this point the Hardys had already abandoned their original look for a cargo pants and tight shirts thing.

I always had a soft spot in my heart for the Hardys. Back when they were making their debut in WWE, I was young enough and had enough free time that I actually watched shows like Shotgun Saturday Night. I remember the originally iteration of the Hardys, and I was a fan. I wanted big things for them, and then, of course, it happened. I almost felt like a scout who noticed the next big thing. This was in 1997. A couple years later, they were fighting for the tag team titles.

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