Another Tuesday, another report on Raw’s ratings. Last week saw a massive increase in ratings after Royal Rumble. Usually there is some wane in the 2nd week following a Pay-Per-View, so what was the damage this week?

It was actually quite steep. Last week saw 3.61 unique viewers tune in. This week saw 500,000 viewers find their entertainment elsewhere, as the ratings dropped to 3.11 million unique viewers over the three hour program.

Granted, there wasn’t a lot to draw in people apart from the persistent viewers, with the only previews really being an injury update to Seth Rollins and Goldberg answering Lesnar’s challenge for Wrestlemania. However, Goldberg also booking a match with Kevin Owens for Fastlane might cause a surge in ratings in the build up toward the event, as well as a major surge after Fastlane should the match get over well.

3.11 million isn’t anything to scoff at, and won’t put the WWE in jeopardy. But it just goes to show how vital it is to continue the momentum felt by a stellar Pay-Per-View such as Royal Rumble instead of stopping short two weeks later. If you’re inconsistent with your programs just because you feel it’s unimportant since it wasn’t immediately before or after a PPV, then your fans are going to stop caring at some point.


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