Kurt Angle had been on the independent circuit until he signed a contract with the WWE again. But for the longest time, there has been no word on whether he will return in a wrestling capacity or not. That doesn’t mean that Angle has given up hope on the prospect.

On the Busted Open radio show on SiriusXM 93, Kurt Angle spoke about the prospects. “Triple H and I did not talk about wrestling for the WWE after Wrestlemania,” said Angle. “Do I think it will happen? Yes. Do I know for sure? No.”

This pretty much falls in line with what we do know about Angle’s return to WWE so far. While he is there to be inducted for the WWE Hall of Fame, he shouldn’t have had to sign a contract with the country or cancel his independent shows in order to face induction. Despite there being no talks currently about him having a match, it looks like it is indeed heading that direction, especially given Angle’s desire to do so.

Regardless of Jim Ross saying people should stop expecting this, it appears to be an inevitability, especially given that Angle seems to desire to have his send off to pro wrestling be in the WWE.



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