Well, the result from Fastlane’s main event was basically what we expected. Goldberg squashed Kevin Owens with the aid of a Jericho distraction, winning the Universal Championship in under 30 seconds.

Owens was a bit perturbed by the whole ordeal–and you can be the judge of whether that’s legitimate or just part of the character. The minutes before the match saw Owens making an extensive attempt to out-think Goldberg by repeatedly ducking from the ring, and that wasn’t the only bit of gamesmanship from the (now former) champ.

Astute lip-readers might have noted Owens failing to keep it PG with some of that pre-match trash talk, and it seems KO doesn’t think too highly of Goldberg.

That’s not the only goofy Owens moment for the day, either. It seems a fan mustered up the only praise he could manage for KO at a signing today.


Ultimately, though? I think we can attribute Owens’ loss to an unfortunate choice of words on Twitter yesterday. Yep, that’s the story I’m sticking to.


Goldberg simply called him an “idiot” for that one. KO’s response?


Oh, Kevin. You’re still the Champion of the Universe of our hearts, even if you’ll never get a rematch and won’t ever get that win back.

Thoughts on Goldberg and Owens? You’re not the only one. Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook!


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