That’s one way to fill in time. One of the major stories coming in to “Wrestlemania XXXIII” is whether or not Seth Rollins’ injured knee will be ready in time for the show. There’s some doubt as to whether he’ll be healed up enough, though Rollins appeared on the show last week and seemed to start building things up. We’ll get another update tomorrow night though as WWE has announced a segment for “Monday Night Raw”.

As announced both on “Fastlane 2017” and on WWE’s official Twitter feed, we’ll get an update on Rollins’ physical therapy this week on the show. Rollins injured his knee last month in a fight with Samoa Joe and was rumored to be out for about eight weeks. That put “Wrestlemania XXXIII” in jeopardy and his match with Triple H might not go on.

Opinion: The more I hear about this, the more I think they’ll be having the match. WWE isn’t stupid enough to mention this match over and over again and tease the heck out of it without the match actually happening. Rollins’ injury is a shame and I hope he’s capable of doing his best in the ring but they’re certainly on shaky ground right now. At least there seems to be some progress though.

Will Seth Rollins return in time for WrestleMania? Not if Triple H has a say: Raw Feb. 27, 2017

Do you think the match goes on as planned? If not, who do you think replaces Rollins? Let us know in the comments below.


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