This is only a rumor, so take it for what it’s worth.

It had been previously reported that John Cena and Nikki Bella recently called off their engagement and split up after being a couple for 6 years. It’s also been noted that Cena has not been handling the break up well, and is still in love with Nikki.

However, is there a possibility that the break-up is simply a work for television?

According to the latest episode of the PWInsider Elite Audio Show, Mike Johnson stated that he heard people discussing this very idea. Here’s what he had to say:

“Speaking of Cena, I want to go back to the Backlash stuff. I have heard some rumblings that your theory may be correct about this entire situation being a work. I don’t have enough to report it or anything but there have definitely been some people who mutter, who have been whispering similar concerns. So you might be onto something there. So, I’m just telling you that if it comes out that this was a work, I am giving you credit now that you were the first one to call it.”

“They were together before the whole Total Divas began and then they had to ask John if he would do the show. He always did it because he said it was good for her and good for the company. But announcing that they had broken up just a few weeks before Total Bellas debuts — certainly that’s a lot of free publicity leading into the new season. With WWE in the middle of doing television negotiations, so lets show NBC Universal how worthwhile our reality show are for them — and their ratings have been down compared to previous seasons.”

Many entertainment outlets have covered the break up, including “Good Morning America.” You can see a clip of their coverage below:

Inside the split between John Cena and Nikki Bella

[h/t to Ringside News for the transcription]

Editor’s Note:

If this is a work, that would be both twisted and brilliant at the same time. Cena and Bella were a couple that transcended professional wrestling, and had reached other mainstream outlets. The fact that they staged a break up would be pretty uncool, but would have also gathered a huge interest and buzz for next season of “Total Bellas.” So, in that aspect, it’s a great marketing ploy.

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