A controversial former WWE Superstar has resurfaced for the first time in 13 years since he left the company, according to Steve Carrier of Ringside News.

Muhammad Hassan previously worked in WWE where his character was connected with a terrorism-based storyline. This coincided with the July 7, 2005 London bombings. Due to pressure from television network UPN, WWE was forced to fire Hassan, who was receiving massive heat for his character.

Hassan was said by many to be a terrific wrestler who was dealt the wrong hand with his character, which had some serious potential but was misused at the wrong time.

He has now popped up in The Dynasty promotion, where he competed one-on-one with Padadon at their King of Thrones event. This was his first match since leaving WWE many years ago. He used the same name and gimmick he had made famous in WWE.

Check the match out below:

Muhammad Hassan Returns To The Ring Vs Papadon

It is unknown at this time if Hassan is intent on returning full or part-time to the ring or if this was a special one-off match. It seems that he can still go, despite the potential ring rust he may have had through not competing for so long.

Editor’s Note:

I personally find it interesting Hassan has returned to the ring. Given the circumstances, I would’ve understood if he never stepped foot inside the squared circle again, but it takes some real guts to step back out there. All the best to him.

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