Ring of Honor
Date: May 2, 2018
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, BJ Whitmer

We’re FINALLY at the new stuff after Supercard of Honor, which only took place last month. The big stories coming out of there are the Bullet Club’s continuing issues (expect to hear that for a long time) and Dalton Castle retaining the World Title over Marty Scurll. It’s now time to get ready for War of the Worlds….which starts a week from tonight. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

We open with a long package on Supercard of Honor.

Opening sequence.

Chuckie T. vs. Josh Woods

Chuckie wastes no time in poking the eye and grabbing a Russian legsweep. Something like an Octopus Hold has Woods in trouble and an enziguri to the ribs drops him again. An exploder suplex drops Chuckie and we take a break.

Back with another suplex putting Chuckie down again but he nails a middle rope dropkick for no cover. Chuckie gets two off a Falcon Arrow and Soul Food (Eat Defeat)….doesn’t have much effect, with Woods hitting a fireman’s carry into a knee to the jaw. Rolling Chaos Theory gets two on Chuckie but he reverses a cross armbreaker into a rollup for the pin at 8:42.

Result: Chuckie T. b. Josh Woods – Rollup (8:42)

Brandi Rhodes says Cody is her favorite wrestler but he goes with Dalton Castle. Dalton is NOT like 1978 Bob Backlund because he’s just that good. Cody beat Jay Lethal so he should get something. Brandi makes the motion of a title around her waist. Cody: “YOU’RE PREGNANT???” Not quite.

The Kingdom brags about stealing the Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Sumie Sakai vs. Stella Grey

Non-title and Jenny Rose is on commentary. Sakai dropkicks her down and does it again from the top rope for good measure. A spear cuts Sakai in half for two but she easily breaks up a powerbomb out of the corner. Some stomps to the face have Stella in more trouble but she’s right back with a tornado DDT. Sakai gets two off a belly to back suplex and Stella gets the same off a small package. Smashmouse finishes Stella at 3:25.

Result: Sumie Sakai b. Stella Gray – Smashmouse (3:25)

Post match Jenny gets in the ring and shows a clip of some miscommunication between the two of them in a tag match earlier this year. Jenny wants a title shot and Sakai reluctantly agrees to fight her friend. Sakai extends her hand but Jenny leaves without shaking it.

So Cal Uncensored is very mad at the Kingdom, who they refer to as children.

We look at Marty Scurll pinning Dalton Castle at the recent Masters of the Craft event.

Scurll wants a title shot at Best in the World.

We look at Bully Ray helping Cheeseburger at Supercard of Honor and then turning on him.

Here’s Bully Ray to ask why Cheeseburger can put a legend like him on the spot (by asking Bully to do What’s Up). Cheeseburger is everything that Bully hates about the wrestling business, just like all of these fans. People like Cheeseburger and Flip Gordon are spoiled and entitled, must like people here tonight. A fans throws something and Ray threatens to come over the barricade and hit them in the face. Here come the streamers, with one of them hitting Ray in the head.

Ray calls out company boss Joe Koff, who provides these young guys a platform. They lack respect but Koff signs them to be the nice guy. Ray is still the enforcer around here and holds up the WWE Hall of Fame ring, which makes him better than everyone around here.

Castle talks about looking at his munchkin cat calendar and realized he’s been champion for over 100 days. Still though, people are asking if he’s championship material. Castle lists off some names he’s defeated and absolutely he is championship material.

TV Title: Silas Young vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon is challenging and Shane Taylor is on commentary. They fight over a wristlock to start and Flip nips up off a shoulder block. Young gets sent outside for a big flip dive but takes Gordon’s head off with a clothesline as we take a break. Back with Silas hitting a spinebuster and backdropping Flip to the apron.

That means an enziguri and a springboard missile dropkick for no cover. A springboard spinning spear drops Young for two more but he’s up to block the 450. Instead Gordon sends him outside for a suicide dive and we take a break….or at least we’re supposed to but Ian says we’re sticking with it. The 450 is downgraded to a 360 as Young rolls away. The standing shooting star gets two and now we take that break.

Back with Flip missing a charge into the corner and no selling a snap German suplex. Young’s backbreaker into the kneeling clothesline rocks Gordon and a hanging swinging neckbreaker gets two. The Star Spangled Stunner is countered but Gordon rolls him up for two more. A superkick into a Falcon Arrow gets a close two on Young and he rolls outside. Back in and the kick the rope low blow gets another near fall on Gordon. Not that it matters as Misery retains the title at 13:45.

Result: Silas Young b. Flip Gordon – Misery (13:45)

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