Dean Ambrose refuses to trust Seth Rollins: Raw, July 31, 2017

WWE superstar Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by The Sporting News and discussed a number of topics. He talked about starring in the upcoming film “Armed Response”, along with the future of his movie career, the knee injury that he sustained  in 2015 and how close he came to missing this year’s Wrestlemania.

Below are some questions along with Rollins’ answers:

SN: What’s next for your movie career? Is this something you’re going to pursue more now?

SR: I don’t know about pursue. I welcome the opportunity. I recently voiced a character for an animated film coming up (tentatively titled ‘Troubled’ which is a kid’s animated movie about dogs). I got to be a bulldog, which is sweet because I never imagined myself as a bulldog. I got to do the WWE ‘Jetsons’ release as well, which was pretty awesome, where I got to play a robot version of myself. If the opportunities come, I’m down for it. Again, it’s hard to pursue anything like this with the schedule we keep. If something pops up and I’m asked to do it, I’m more than happy to give it a shot if it’s the right fit for me.

SN: You mentioned your knee injury. Earlier this year, you tweaked your knee. How close did it come to whether or not you were going to make WrestleMania 33?

SR: I went to Birmingham the following day, I thought it was the same injury. I thought I was going to be out another six months. Once we got the MRI, the possibility was going to be to make it back by WrestleMania was just a matter of if the ‘powers that be’ in WWE were going to be OK with me working at a certain level. But I knew my knee would be healthy, especially in a brace. It was just about me packing my bags and moving down to Birmingham and rehabbing and making sure it was as strong as it could be going into WrestleMania.

They also talk about being on the cover of the WWE 2K18 video game, playing a babyface in today’s wrestling product and more.

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