Cody Rhodes reacts to getting fired: Raw, Sept. 2, 2013

Current ROH World Champion Cody Rhodes was recently interviewed by Metro, where he discussed a number of topics.  Mostly notably was his experiences in WWE and why he’s enjoying his time away from the company much more.

Below are some questions, along with Rhodes’ answers:

When you left WWE in May 2016 a lot of people doubted that you’d last long on the independent scene. Why have you been such a success?

I had seen a lot of people who had been released from WWE, or asked for their release, and gone out into the wild unknown. There’s more cases of it being unsuccessful than successful.

I knew I was unhappy in my heart at the end in WWE, and I had time to plan even though I knew it was going to be hard.

That time to plan is what made the difference and I invested in myself as a talent from the ground-up.

People still have many complaints about WWE’s creativity – or more accurately, the lack of it. Where does the buck stop with this? Who should they be complaining to?

WWE is so powerful in terms of their world presence and the talent they have on board, so I think what’s going to happen at some point is that they’re going to restructure all of this.

There are some guys in WWE, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Michael Hayes, Arn Anderson and Mike Rotunda included, who should be writers but instead are producers.

I would hope at some point they will consolidate all of that, because if you were to get some of these megaminds in a room, you could write out two years worth of TV and stick to the plan.

Wrestling is not an episodic TV show. If you were to come into my office and say ‘hey I wrote 20 episodes of Friends and I want to be a WWE writer’, I’d say ‘that’s great but do you know who Lou Thesz is? Do you know who Bruno Sammartino is? Do you like wrestling?’

You’d be surprised at how many would say they’d never watched wrestling. That blows my mind, and if you were to shift the power to some of the greats in our business, you’d have a big difference.

They also talk about Kazuchika Okada, Dave Meltzer and more.

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