Perhaps TNA really is “Bound For Glory.”

It was reported earlier this week that TNA’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, “Bound For Glory” may not happen, due to a lack of finances necessary to put on the show. However, according a report from The New York Post, the company was able to secure enough money to be able to proceed with the event.

In addition, talks between TNA president Billy Corgan and WWE will continue next week to determine future ownership of the company. It had been reported that although Corgan was set to purchase Impact Ventures, which is the parent company of TNA, WWE had put in a bid to take over as well.

Rumor: Billy Corgan to Purchase TNA, WWE Made a Recent Bid
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The news of the talks come after it had been reported that WWE was backing out of the deal, due to the little amount that they would receive for what would have to be paid.

According to the report, if WWE were to purchase TNA, they would most likely take control of the entire TNA video library, and shut down the day-to-day operations of the company. WWE has not issued a statement at this time.

You can find the original New York Post report at this link.

Editor’s Note:

While I don’t ever want to see anybody lose their jobs, this might be inevitable. WWE purchasing the TNA video library would be a great way for fans to see the previous work of talent such as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Eric Young, and would give them more of a reason to care about these fantastic talents.




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