The Road to Wrestlemania is that three month time period between the “Royal Rumble,” whatever PPV is in February or March, and Wrestlemania in early April.

“Elimination Chamber” used to be the token PPV for February, but it has been replaced by “Fastlane” for the past two years and the former was featured in June last year.

However, WWE is planning to make a major change to “The Road to Wrestlemania” now that the product is under a brand extension all over again.

According to a report from, WWE is most likely going to bring the “Elimination Chamber” PPV to February and “The Road to Wrestlemania.”

The plan is that there would be a Raw and SmackDown Chamber match, but it would have some kind of prize for the winner.

(Courtesy of
(Courtesy of

Frankly, the “Fastlane” PPV has come off generic over the past two years despite some very good matches being featured on the show.

The “Elimination Chamber” has been in WWE for over a decade and it gives the last PPV before Wrestlemania something unique that you can only see once a year.

Do you want to see WWE bring the “Elimination Chamber” back to WWE?


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