Triple H has set into his role of executive smoothly, doing what he can to promote and push the WWE brand to be the best in the industry. However, WWE has been seeing some of its market share being grabbed by New Japan Pro Wrestling. With the digital age upon us, it is only now that a brand an ocean apart has been able to become a global phenomenom, but it is now having to push the WWE to work harder to stay relevant.

However, when asked by CBS Sports about how NJPW has pushed the WWE, Triple H stated that this was not the case. “I don’t think anyone forces anyone to make adjustments, I think it’s just that the world changes. What people will accept changes. What people will like changes.” He also denied that NJPW’s style was influencing the WWE, stating, “Because Kyle O’Reilly brings a different style, that’s not a style he brought in from a promotion. That’s Kyle. Aleister Black brings in a style from someplace else. That’s not a promotional style, that’s him. Even Nakamura, you can say ‘strong style,’ but to be quite honest, is there anything like Nakamura? Is there anyone else doing what Nakamura is going? No, it’s Nakamura.”

He rather commented that NXT is what pushes WWE to be better, stating, “Raw and SmackDown have a promotion right on their tail pushing them to do more. That promotion is going to run a show on Saturday night at the Barclays Center, and it’s called NXT.”


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