People are starting to compare the recent set of matches featuring Okada and Kenny Omega to another very famous set of matches that featured Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. On the surface, the two sets are very similar in that they were high octane matches and both resulted in a trilogy of matches. Jim Ross, however, feels that is where the comparisons end.

In a recent blog post, Ross stated that he gets, “a kick out of some people trying to intelligently compare the recent Okada-Omega bouts to Flair-Steamboat, as I feel that it is impossible to make valid judgments on matches that were held in totally different eras.” He also goes on to state his opinion that trying to label any of the sets as the greatest matches ever is foolhardy, saying:

I do agree that everyone has their own opinions of which we all should respect, but to honestly say that any match is the greatest of all time – including the amazing, Flair-Steamboat bouts – is iffy. Too many people rush to judgmental (sic) to declare ‘The Greatest Ever…’ connotations when there is no way to document, to quantify, and to discern what truly is the greatest match ever or the greatest wrestler ever for that matter as we all have our takes.


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