Lucha Underground
Date: August 16, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

Now this should be a big one as we have the two semifinal matches in the Cueto Cup tournament. The tournament took a long time to get here but the final four are all possible winners, which makes for a very interesting final four. Other than that we’re a week away from Rey Mysterio vs. Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Title, which should be one heck of a match. Let’s get to it.

We look at how the four semifinalists got here, along with their various issues over the last few weeks. The opening video also focuses on Mysterio vs. Mundo and Captain Vazquez being Catrina’s mother.

Cage is working out when Catrina appears to ask about the gauntlet. She says no one can maintain that much power but Cage says he can do it. He takes a swing at her with the gauntlet on but she vanishes again.

Joey Ryan comes in to see Dario Cueto and tells him that Veneno is Cortez Castro under a mask. Dario is surprised and makes Veneno vs. Sexy Star in a mask vs. mask match next week.

Cueto Cup Semifinals: Fenix vs. Prince Puma

Melissa blows Fenix a kiss during his entrance. They actually go technical to start with a battle over the wristlocks until an exchange of kicks to the face keeps us at a standstill. A slugout puts both of them down again as Vampiro goes on about gypsy boxing. One heck of a superkick sends Fenix outside for a big dive over the top but Fenix reverses the rolling suplexes into a good looking hurricanrana for two. The 619 in the corner sets up a springboard leg lariat for two more but Puma misses the Phoenix splash.

Code Red gives Fenix two so Puma hits a spinning kick to the chest for two. A Lethal Injection drops Puma again and Fenix kicks him in the head rather hard. Fenix gets two more off a snap German suplex and Vampiro goes into a rant on the near fall. Cue Marty Martinez so Fenix dives onto him, only to walk into a reverse inverted DDT driver for a very hot two. The 630 sends Puma to the finals at 10:28.

Result: Prince Puma b. Fenix – 630 splash (10:28)

Mil Muertes is beating on punching bag so hard that it shakes the Temple. Cage comes in and attacks him from behind, including dropping a big weight on his back. Catrina wakes him with the stone and says use the rage on Pentagon.

Cueto Cup Semifinals: Mil Muertes vs. Pentagon Dark

Muertes is holding his ribs on the way in. Pentagon is smart enough to kick away at the ribs to start, including a kick to knock him outside for a big flip dive. Back in and Pentagon hammers away until Mil throws him to the side to take over. Muertes throws him into a fireman’s carry to ram him head first into the post a few times.

Pentagon makes a comeback until Catrina grabs his leg, allowing Muertes to hit something like a spear. An enziguri puts Muertes down for two, followed by the Backstabber out of the corner. Pentagon finally has enough of Catrina and kicks her down, setting up a top rope double stomps to the bad ribs for the pin at 7:30.

Result: Pentagon Dark b. Mil Muertes – Top rope double stomp (7:30)

Muertes avoids the broken arm thanks to the power of the stone.

Dario is in the ring to introduce Mysterio and Mundo, because he loves it when they talk trash to each other. Mundo comes out flanked by security and makes fun of Rey’s son Dominic, who must have gotten his size from his mother. Johnny asks if Rey is the real dad and the fight is on. After security is quickly dispatched, here’s the Worldwide Underground to take Rey down.

Cue Sexy Star, El Dragon Azteca Jr. and the Mack for the save and a big brawl until Rey and Mundo are left alone. Now it’s Puma and Pentagon coming in as Dario watches with a bit of a gleam in his eye. Muertes comes out to take everyone out but it’s Cage (no gauntlet) for the big staredown.

Marty Martinez starts down the ramp but gets jumped by Fenix. The rest of the roster comes out (with the Rabbit Tribe sitting on the balcony as Paul London talks into a carrot) for the fight with Killshot and Dante Fox fighting in the balcony. Puma flip dives onto a bunch of people, leaving Rey to hit the 619 and hold up the title to end the show.



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