The ‘Buried Alive’ match has been synonymous with the Undertaker since the gimmick made its debut at “In Your House 11: Buried Alive” in 1996. That would explain why he’s been involved in every single one during its existence.

That streak was supposedly coming to an end at “WWE Payback” before Daniel Bryan’s neck injury. Bryan was slated to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Kane under ‘Buried Alive’ rules.

The object is for one superstar to throw their opponent into a makeshift grave which is usually located by the entranceway. Once that superstar is fully covered in dirt (at the discretion of the referee), the match will conclude and a winner will be declared.

There have been only five ‘Buried Alive’ matches in WWE history. We here at have decided to rank all five bouts from years past, beginning with the most lopsided ‘Buried Alive’ match of the bunch.



5. The Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon (Survivor Series, 11/16/03)

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made Undertaker’s life a living hell in 2003. At the “WWE No Mercy” pay-per-view, McMahon cost Undertaker his opportunity at the WWE Championship by interfering in his ‘Biker Chain’ match with Brock Lesnar.

Under the ruling of newly-appointed General Manager Paul Heyman, a Handicap match was made between Undertaker and the team of Brock Lesnar and the Big Show on the October 23rd episode of “Smackdown.” If Undertaker won (which he wound up doing), he’d be able to have a match against anyone of his choosing at any event he wanted.

McMahon was under the impression that “The American Bad-Ass” would look to get a rematch with the champion, mocking him as he rolled around in pain following his battle with the two behemoths. To the shock of many, Undertaker elected to bypass a title shot and get his hands on his boss, booking himself a ‘Buried Alive’ match with McMahon at “WWE Survivor Series” in Dallas.

As Undertaker climbed up the bulldozer placed by the grave, an explosion occurred, knocking him back onto the floor. Kane, who defeated Vince’s son Shane McMahon earlier that night, appeared to attack his brother, helping Vince out of the grave in the process.

“The Big Red Machine” pointed to the sky as the bulldozer dropped hundreds of pounds of dirt onto Undertaker, giving the win to Mr. McMahon.

Result: Vince McMahon def. The Undertaker (11:59)

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