Superstar Swap

  • Charlotte to ‘Smackdown’ Was The Best Move of The Superstar Swap

    When Alexa Bliss and Mickie James made their move from Smackdown to RAW thanks to Superstar Swap, suddenly the women’s division on the red brand seemed pretty crowded. However, the...

    FeaturesApril 12, 2017
  • Do Any of The Men Moving to ‘Smackdown’ Really Change Anything?

    FeaturesApril 12, 2017
  • What Does The Move to ‘RAW’ Mean For These Guys?

    We’ve seen the first wave of the WWE’s Superstar Swap, and they certainly opened with a bang. RAW kicked off with both The Miz and Dean Ambrose popping up on...

    FeaturesApril 11, 2017
  • One Surefire Way to Get Apollo Crews Over on ‘RAW’

    The first swap of Superstar Swap happened before RAW even went on the air. Apollo Crews went from Smackdown to RAW, making him the first of presumably a handful of...

    FeaturesApril 10, 2017
  • Will WWE’s Superstar Swap Actually Change Anything?

    Ever since Vince McMahon showed up on the first RAW after WrestleMania, waited out some anti-Roman Reigns chants, and announced “Superstar Swap,” said swap has been a topic of fervent...

    FeaturesApril 10, 2017
  • Which WWE Superstars Would Benefit Most From a Superstar Swap?

    The WWE spent a good portion of this week’s RAW and Smackdown discussing the upcoming “Superstar Swap,” which is their kind of silly name for the fact they are going...

    FeaturesApril 8, 2017