After the string of controversial tweets voicing his hurt regarding a blackface-style shirt that was going to be promoted by the company, Jordan Myles recently gave WWE an ultimatum to respond to his concerns. Apparently, this did not happen, as he made two videos of quitting the company.

Although Myles complained about being held back from the company, he did win the NXT Breakout Tournament, which led to an NXT Championship match with Adam Cole. Myles, who is known elsewhere as ACH, did not win the match. However, he was heavily showcased in this loss, and it appeared that he was going to be featured more on the brand.

Despite these controversial tweets, ultimatums, and public resignation, Jordan Myles has deleted his Twitter and Instagram account. This also removed his anger-filled comments towards WWE, as well as the videos bashing the company as well.

At this point, it is not clear as to why his tweets and IG posts are deleted. There could be a number of reasons why this occurred. However, whether it is being suspended from posting, wanting a fresh start, or actually making amends with WWE, the posts no longer exists as of this writing.

As to where ACH goes from here, this is also unknown. With the widened choices of pro wrestling promotions now, AEW, MLW, or returning to New Japan would be suitable options. As far as a return to Ring of Honor, it does not appear that this will happen, as he publicly bashed the company, particularly former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal. In addition, he is still under a WWE contract, so he is not even able to compete for any of these promotions unless WWE releases him.

ACH is still operating his non-WWE twitter account, in which he recently had a Q&A session. In this session, he stated that he wants to return to New Japan, because he has a lot more to accomplish there. He discussed a number of topics, ranging from whether he would go to AEW, why WWE is racist, battling mental illness, and more.

Regarding why he began to voice his frustrations now, ACH stated, “the t-shirt triggered things from my past, and it all come up at once, and a lot of anger from my past came up with it as well. And that cause me to come at people the way that I did.” Interestingly, he stated that the WWE Championship and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship are his dream titles to win.

He also was asked what he misses in WWE, and he gave this response:

“The people. The people. It came with a lot of good perks, but the people were definitely fun.”

With all of this controversy, ACH puts himself in a difficult position as far as another promotion picking him up. Right now, ACH comes with a very negative stigma, due to his emotional couple of weeks voicing his frustration with the WWE. For fans of his work, the hope is that he can bounce back from this dark cloud and refocus of performing in front of the audiences.

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