There is a lot to pick from. Survivor Series is the second longest running pay per view event in WWE history, with thirty two events so far and a thirty third coming up by the end of the month. The series is best known for its elimination tag team matches, which have become a hallmark of the shows over the years. It is a unique way of having a match and it takes a certain style to make it work. There have been a lot of teams over the years, ubt who has been the best solo performer at the show?

Before we get into that, check out some of the great moments in Survivor Series history (there are a lot):

With the annual Survivor Series event in less than two weeks, ESPN has put together a list of the greatest Survivor Series performers in history. The formula takes a variety of issues into account, with the following scoring criteria:

• 1 point for participating in a match
• 2 points for eliminating an opponent
• -2 points for being the first eliminated in a match
• 5 points for being a member of the winning team
• 5 bonus points for being a “survivor” of the winning team
• 5 bonus points for being the “sole survivor” — the only remaining member of a winning team

After looking at the entire history of the series, Randy Orton has the high mark of any wrestler ever at Survivor Series, totaling 130 points, giving him an extensive lead over Big Show, in second place at 102 points. Orton has appeared in ten Survivor Series matches over the years (second to Shawn Michaels with eleven) and has fifteen career eliminations, the most all time. Orton will also be participating in this year’s Survivor Series, where he will be part of the first ever fifteen man Survivor Series match.

Here are the top ten and their points:

1. Randy Orton – 130
2. Big Show – 102
3. Shawn Michaels – 100
4. Ultimate Warrior – 93
5. Rey Mysterio – 90
6. Hulk Hogan – 89
7. Dolph Ziggler – 84
T8. British Bulldog – 81
T8. Tito Santana – 81
10. Randy Savage – 69

The best deserves a look. Check out one of Orton’s great Survivor Series moments:

Opinion: This may not be the most realistic way to compare history (keep in mind that some matches had fewer entrants, making it easier to accumulate points in bigger matches. That being said, there is no secret that Orton is one of the biggest names the series has ever had and that he has dominated a lot of the matches he has been involved in. The numbers he has put up according to this formula show just how much further along he is than everyone else, as those records are not likely to be broken, or even approached, in the near future.

Who is your favorite Survivor Series performer? How will this year’s show go? Let us know in the comments below.

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