• Quite The Slam: Jade Cargill Shuts Down Fan On Twitter In Perfect Fashion

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  • Whose Side? Wrestling Fans Debate The Real Villain Of The Bloodline’s Collapse

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  • That’s Not Good: New Detail On Drew McIntyre And WWE’s Future (And It’s Not Positive)

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  • That Could Mean Something: WWE Star Posts Cryptic Message After Rare Appearance

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  • Wrestling Fans Erupt Over Controversial Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley Ending

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  • 30 Years In The Making: WWE Admits It Is Wrestling

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  • AEW President Tony Khan Claims Twitter Bots Are Targeting AEW

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  • Bayley Trolls Fans In Hilarious Q&A Session

    She’s good at this stuff. There are two major kinds of wrestlers in the world, as a wrestler can be either good or evil. Some wrestlers are flat out better...

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